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Heading to NMHC's 2017 Annual Meeting in a post-inaugural world
A week from today, I'll be boarding a jet with my good friends at Delta as I journey to San Diego for the 2017 annual meeting of the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC), along with the preceding Apartment Strategies Outlook Conference.  ...
The Future of Smart Technology in Apartments
Ready or not, the future is here! The smart home market has grown rapidly over the past several years and is considered by nearly half of Americans to be mainstream according to a recent study. What's next? Smart apartments! Here's an overview into w...
15 Ways To Increase Revenue In Your Multifamily Property
The way to increase the value of a multifamily property is to either increase the income or decrease the expenses, which will affect the Net Operating Income (NOI). The NOI is a key metric when analyzing the value of a multifamily property. For the p...
Weekend Hours in a Leasing Center
Is your leasing center open on Saturday, possibly even Sunday? Many are open on the weekend.  It’s a great opportunity for future residents to have time to explore and investigate possible options for their new homes. Usually weekday leas...
The Most Effective Email (or Voicemail) in a Salesperson’s Bag of Tricks
I was talking with one of my clients about sales management, and the topic of how many unanswered follow ups are appropriate before declaring a lead to be 'lost'. He admitted his company had no standard, but surmised that if they did have one “It...

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    • Perry Sanders's Avatar
    • Evaporator Coil Cleaning
    • Paul: I always learn so much from your posts. Are you sure about not needing certification to replace a starter cap or such? It only makes sense of...
    • Last post by Perry Sanders
    • Perry Sanders's Avatar
    • Turning Units
    • Hmmm...Asking people who have probably never done an apartment turn about turning apartments? I must question your logic here. Race, gender, and age...
    • Last post by Perry Sanders
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    • Ballpark cost to rehab older garden apts.?
    • Hello I was wondering if you would be interested in giving me your opinion. I am very new to selling and buying properties. I live in Ohio and I am...
    • Last post by A Stewart

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