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Do We Always Remember That Moving Is Tough?
If we are helping well over a 100 people move into our community over the course of the year, there is a very good chance that we stop remembering how difficult the move can actually be for our residents.  While it is an everyday checklist for u...
Showing Off Your Community’s Assets
In order to successfully market your community to prospective renters, you have to gain insight into what they are searching for in an apartment. Understanding preferences, such as the types of amenities searched, can help you showcase the best ...
Really, Facebook? — Coping with Declines in Organic Reach
First off, let me say that Facebook isn’t my jam. I don’t personally have a Facebook account and I am very leary of using Facebook as a major part of any marketing strategy. That’s just me. It’s how I was raised. That’s not to say that Facebook doesn...
Multifamily Finance Trend | Real Estate Crowdfunding: Is Technology Cutting out the Middle Man?
As real estate crowdfunding builds a head of steam behind the JOBS Act, what are the benefits and initial concerns that will make or break this budding industry? “It is really this access problem.” says RealtyShares co-founder Nav Ath...
You Are an Experience Company
I was recently speaking with a man that is about to rollout a supplement line for women. His first thought was to use a soft script and pink package. Yes, he thought making his product pink would make it appealing to women. Now don’t get me wron...

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On average, a computer running a screensaver uses over 100W of electricity. How much electricity does a computer use in sleep mode?

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