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How To Select From Multiple Qualified Tenants
When you advertise an available apartment to rent, you hope to find a good fit — a qualified renter who appreciates the apartment, has a good job and would be a welcome addition to the rental community. When you have the good fortune of finding more ...
5 Ways To Bring Holiday Cheer To Your Residents
Now that it's December, it means that the holidays are only a few weeks away. To make the holidays festive and fun for residents, there are a number of things you can do at your communities. Below we count just a few of the ways you can bring holiday...
Elevator 'Photo Booth' Popular With Residents
Apartment developer American Land Ventures has capitalized on the popularity of selfie photo booths by including one in the elevator of its community Vu-New River, located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The “camera” is dubbed The Vu Tube and is b...
3 Strategies for Reducing Tenants’ Hot Water Usage in the Winter
Hot water conservation is always going to be an issue that landlords face. After all, between showers, heating, cooking, and laundry, every tenant you deal with will be using hot water constantly, especially during those cold winter months. In fact, ...
Dear Gabby: Snow Removal
Dear Gabby,   I am on the brink of moving somewhere where the weather is warm year-round! Snow might create a pretty winter wonderland, but it’s not as pretty when you need to get rid of it on a regular basis.   I manage a community i...

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