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Help Residents Build a Community They Won't Leave
Community organizing isn’t just about getting out the vote—it can also mean engaging your multifamily residents so they become long-term renters who care about fellow residents. Building an apartment community action group doesn’t have to be about an...
Top 7 Steps To A Successful Tenant Move In
Imagine dealing with troublesome tenants who call your phone at 3am, consistently make late rent payments, and probably even do a bit of drug dealing on the side. If you successfully dodge your way out of dealing with such, you could probably even en...
How To Successfully Negotiate Your Next Real Estate Deal
One of the keys to a successful life is your ability to negotiate and convey your “side of the story” to others.  I learned this vital lesson from my six children.  It appears that the younger they are, the better or more successf...
Engaging with Generation Y: 5 Factors Millennial Renters Look for in an Apartment
An imperative skill for property managers to possess is knowing their rental audience, and recent research suggests that millennials, the demographic of people between the ages of 18 to 33, are the audience property managers should cater to. Home...
The Benefits of Call Recording to Train Leasing Consultants
When a lead doesn’t pan out, it’s easy to chalk it up as a bad lead. The reality is that failed conversions are often more complicated than that.   Sometimes prospective renters contact you before exploring all the options. Occasionally, a com...

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