The Front Lines

Talk about anything related to your property, such as Marketing, Resident Retention, Best Practices, Resident Horror Stories, or any other on-site discussion!
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Apartment Maintenance

All maintenance discussions right here!
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Affordable Housing

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by Andrew Lee
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Student Housing

Discussions about student housing.
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Senior Housing

Discussions about senior housing.
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Construction and Development

Discussions about construction and development of multifamily properties.
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Corporate Captains

Discuss corporate-level ideas, issues, and trends. Meant for the captains of our multifamily ships.
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Independent Rental Owners

Discussions with Independent Rental Owners (IROs) about acquisition, disposition, and management of rental properties.
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Multifamily Investment

Discuss multifamily acquisition, financing, or any other related topic! Please put specific multifamily investments in the "child" board.
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Vendor Lounge

A place for vendors to collaborate, network, and brainstorm ways to expand their business. Property management professionals also welcome for feedback!
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by Darrin Card
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Industry Trends

High-level discussions on our industry - who\'s driving the boat, anyway?
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Multifamily Insiders Feedback

Find a bug? Have a great idea for the site? Want to tell us what you like about the site? Tell us here!
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Multifamily Insiders News and Notes

Discussions about
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Happy Hour

Unbutton your collar and talk about anything BUT multifamily stuff here - NO SHOP TALK!
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by Rose M
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Share Your Story!

We have some amazing companies and personalities in the multifamily industry. Share what is new and great with your company!
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Multifamily Discussions

    • Mindy Sharp's Avatar
    • I really want to excel!
    • I would start with online training and earn your NALP and CAM through the Apartment Association. Yes, it does cost money, but you can take out a small...
    • Last post by Mindy Sharp
    • Stephanie Oehler's Avatar
    • Need help with regional management
    • Three words: Document, Document, Document. Document dates/times and a short narrative for each incident with facts only. Don't insert your personal...
    • Last post by Stephanie Oehler
    • Jennifer Kuntz's Avatar
    • Did I do the right thng ??
    • You absolutely did the right thing. I was in a similar situation a few years ago. I had to choose to walk away from my largest customer in order to...
    • Last post by Jennifer Kuntz
    • Crystal Nunnery's Avatar
    • Security Deposit Programs
    • We are currently working with ePremium Insurance and we love it (so do new tenants)! It enables their move in costs to be lower and we still receive...
    • Last post by Crystal Nunnery

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