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TOPIC: Turning Units

Re:Turning Units 4 years 3 weeks ago #5452

I agree with the 3-5 days schedule. However, you should target less to keep your overall costs down. Carey's bonus structure will help.

I find the biggest road block to effective turns is simple planning. I'm always surprised by the number of management/maintenance teams that don't plan their daily/weekly/monthly activities; especially turn work. This includes inventory and vendor scheduling. This is a great opportunity for the leasing & maintenace staffs to work together.

Re:Turning Units 4 years 3 weeks ago #5453

When turning units, one of the main concerns should be customer satisfaction. The first impression new residents get when they walk into their new apartment for the very first time is going to be a lasting impression, and this can determine how long they will stay in the apartment, and how easy or how hard will be to keep them satisfied during the lease term. Making sure the first impression is a good one should be one of the main priorities. The time that takes to get units ready varies, depending on how old the property is, how long the prior resident lived in the unit, and in what conditions was the unit at the time of move-out. Planning is the key to have a successful make-ready process, and part of this plan should be to walk units before people moves out to get an idea of the conditions of the unit and start scheduling the work that needs to be done, as well as ordering the materials needed to complete the work. Three to five working days is an average amount of time many companies in the industry used as a guideline, understanding that in some cases when the unit is in excellent condition at the time of move-out, the process will take less time, and other times, when the unit at the time of move-out is in conditions beyond the normal turn, the process could take much longer. Some samples of work considered beyond normal turn could be replacing flooring, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, counters, and any other items that fall into the rehabbing or remodeling categories. Having a well trained maintenance team who possesses the skills and knowledge to perform at their highest potential is the key to increasing customer satisfaction, employee success, and company revenues.
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Re:Turning Units 4 years 3 weeks ago #5454

When you say 3-5 days, are you doing paint, carpet, and housekeeping in-house or contracting?

Re:Turning Units 4 years 3 weeks ago #5455

Vicki, it all depends upon your staffing expertise & workload. Typically, carpet & paint are handled by vendors. House keeping/cleaning can be handle in-house easily. For mid-sized to larger groups, these activities may be handled by a regional in-house team. But the key is having a system in place to handle the upcoming workload, as well as the unexpected.

Re:Turning Units 4 years 3 weeks ago #5456

3-5 days is reasonable. Painting and carpet cleaning done by contractors.

Re:Turning Units 4 years 3 weeks ago #5457

I would emphasize that having all empty units make ready is important to have a choice for the prospective customers. They may love the property but insist on being close to the entrance, don't have to walk far to take the garbage out, like a view of the treed area, close to the pool, or any number of reasons that you won't know when making a decision to turn or not. If its vacant it needs to be move-in ready so you can give the leasing team all the tools to close or give them the best possible chance of meeting the customer's needs. Pre-inspection also is a preemptive process to settle with the resident any possible discussion regarding the condition of the unit. When this is done before move-out it helps to minimize any surprises. The other comments regarding scheduling were great and could not agree more with meeting and planning and having processes coordinated and planned.

Re:Turning Units 5 days 19 hours ago #14704

How many maintenance guys working in the unit?
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