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Multifamily Discussions

    • Isabel's Avatar
    • Call to remind Residents for Lease Renewal
    • Hello! Can someone help me, when I call a resident. I would like to inform them that their Lease is about to expire. What is the best way to tell...
    • Last post by Isabel
    • Chad Moulin's Avatar
    • Apartment maintenance software
    • William, The only time that I used a separate tracking method for maintenance other than Yardi, One Site, etc. I used the service request tracking...
    • Last post by Chad Moulin
    • Jay Koster's Avatar
    • Resident Car Alarms
    • Quote: Do car alarms generally continue to go off for hours like they used to? I thought they generally would go off just for a short period and shut off. ...
    • Last post by Jay Koster

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