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Ditch the Rented Websites
We have been working on a new approach to our digital presence at MC Companies over the last four months. Our first order of business was to Ditch the Rented Websites and create Regional Map Based Apartment Search. We believe th...
The End of Summer
I know, I know. Summer isn't really over yet, but as we approach Labor Day weekend and the turning point between "it's been so great spending this much time with the kids" and "can't wait for school to start," I thought I'd share a favorite reminder ...
Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Update: What You Need to Know
It seems like every time we turn around, Facebook is making another change to its algorithm, that complicated formula that determines which stories show up in users’ news feeds. And this week, Facebook announced yet another update. Read on for a...
Don’t Let Being Busy Eat Away at Resident Retention
I recently had a conversation with a regional manager who accepted the fact that her leasing agents are just too busy to talk to people. And when I say “people,” I mean prospects and residents. That’s a scary thing. Yet I know it feels like the unv...
What Seinfeld's "The Second Button" Episode Taught Me About Success
“The second button literally makes or breaks the shirt. Look at it, its too high, its in no-mans-land. You look like you live with your mother!"   -Jerry Seinfeld to George Costanza     Fans of "Seinfeld" will recognize the...

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