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Dear Gabby: Overcoming Parking Problems
Dear Gabby,   Parking. It’s every property manager’s worst nightmare. So many problems arise between us and our residents because of it. Trying to having enough spots, regulating who parks where, I can’t seem to keep everyone happy. Please he...
The hidden benefits of doing a good job
  Have you ever worked for a property that is in the process of being purchased by another company? When this happens, do you find yourself scrambling to make sure all your paperwork and maintenance is in order before the due diligence? When ...
Finding The Lost Prospects
For an end of the year report, I pulled some data on the number of move ins for my group. While the results are good, and show some occupancy improvement..I’m all about the next step. What can I learn from the data? What do reports tell us about ou...
Is Pot the New Pets?
(Warning: Don’t read this if you’re not interested in hearing a provocative point of view) I was meeting with a client of mine who has communities in California, and they shared a letter they were sending their residents. The letter was informing ...
All-Inclusive or Non-Inclusive: Which Option Is Best For Student Housing?
For many first year students, on-campus housing is often seen as an ideal transition into independent living. Students can accept more responsibilities and independence, while still enjoying the luxuries of having mostly everything taken care of for ...

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    • Freddy's Avatar
    • Problems with Compliance Depot
    • Stay away from this company. They are the absolute worst. Any company Requiring you to go through them is not worth doing business with. Just do a...
    • Last post by Freddy
    • Perry Sanders's Avatar
    • Evaporator Coil Cleaning
    • Thanks for the link. I'm probably just being paranoid but this worries me. From the same web site: "EPA regulations (40 CFR Part 82, Subpart F) under...
    • Last post by Perry Sanders

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