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A recovered drug addict is protected under the Handicap Status section of the Fair Housing Amendments Act.

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Posted by on in Property Management
Maximize your marketing efforts and reach more prospective residents with a community video. Highlighted below are the top eight ways to generate even more exposure through various social networking avenues using your community video. 1.      Email Signature: Including a hyperlink to your video in your signature allows prospective residents easy access to virtual contact with your property. 2.      Facebook® Status Updates: Posting the YouTubeTM link in your status update provides a measurable distribution channel allowing syndication of your video through fans' newsfeeds. It affords residents the opportunity to showcase their apartment community to family and friends who are potentially searching for apartments, leading to increased views and positive sentiment. 3.      MySpaceTM Status Updates: Posting the YouTube link or MySpace video link to community video in status updates creates consistency across platforms and encourages employees and residents to post. It affords residents the opportunity to showcase their apartment community to family and friends who are potentially searching for apartments, leading to increased views and positive sentiment. 4.      LinkedIn® Status Updates: Posting a YouTube link to statuses allows for exposure among influencers and other contacts and encourages employees and residents to post, increasing relevant viewership. 5.      TwitterTM Status Updates: Tweet your video through work and encourage residents to tweet. This affords followers the ability to resend to their followers, allowing promotion of the community and increasing the probability of your video going viral. 6.      Embed Video on Blog: Embedded code to your blog coupled with written and video content provides prospective residents...

Posted by on in Property Management
This is PART I of a 3-part series. You can read the intro here:3 facebook questions everyone asks when starting out... OK, so the million dollar question is:What is the ROI (Return on Investment) of facebook for my site? Usually followed up by - how many leases can I get from facebook? Serious questions, and just like an owner/investor/upper management to get to the point - eh?Well, short answer is your ROI is either 0% (yes you read it right, ZERO) or 100% depending on how you look at it. Intrigued? Read on...Facebook is all about creating community.  It's all about people connecting with other people because they have at least one thing in common. There is a group for just about anything and everything, from politics, to sports, to music. Some as broad as "I Love Music" fan page which has over 2.4million fans, to the more specific, like "Sting" fan page that has over 300,000 fans, to your local band, who may have 100 fans.Your apartment/site IS a community - whether you are 30 units or 300 units or 968 units, your apartment IS a community. Your #1 person on site - their title is "COMMUNITY MANAGER." hmmmm....Before facebook, and it wasn't so long ago, most sites had a bulletin board of some sort. The community manager &  staff would decorate this board, organize it, and make sure it fit within the guidelines of your community in appearance and postings. You allowed residents to post random things on there, like...

Posted by on in Property Management
People ask me all the time about facebook. Some people are just confused, some are scared, some are excited, some are clueless, still others hesitant, and then there are those who FAKE it! (You know who I'm talking about!) Why all the confusion? Why all the ruckus? I just don't get it, and if you have been reading my posts and know my tagline, well, I GET IT. But all this confusion is...confusing!So, let's talk it out, or should I say, blog it out. I've narrowed down the top three questions I get asked most often:1.) What is my ROI when using facebook as a marketing tool? - This is usually asked by various levels of upper management - your CEO's/COO's/VP's/Director's. Occasionally a very business-minded manager also ponders this out loud.2.) Should my site(s) "do" facebook? - This is usually asked by someone who realizes that they NEED to be on Facebook - because everyone ELSE is thinking about it or already "DOING IT."3.) What should we (as sites) be "doing" on facebook? - This is usually asked by someone who has just opened up a facebook account and realizes they don't know what to say or "do." Their friend list consists of 22 people - 10 of whom are vendors, 8 are competitors, 1 is their mother, and the last 3, they *hope* are residents or prospects of their apartment community. OUCH.Don't get me wrong, there are a TON of other questions, but these are the ones I get asked most often. AND, very relevant questions for beginning users, intermediate users, and...

Posted by on in Property Management
How are you writing your apartment community craigslist ad titles? Are you using rent concessions to drive traffic to your property? What if you don’t have any promotions? What content are you posting to your Facebook and Twitter pages? Are you just posting your rental rates and promotions? Did you know that more than half of American adults are attempting to save money?A new Harris Poll shows interesting statistics regarding ways adults are trying to save money: 36% have switched to tap water and refillable bottles instead of bottled water.21% have cancelled or cut back on their cable TV service.20% have stopped buying coffee in the morning.14% have been carpooling or using mass transit.Let’s face it, not every community can compete with ever-increasing rent promotions and concessions. Sometimes, the rent cannot get ANY lower. How do you differentiate your ads and your content from competitors when the properties are so similar? Try this: if your community offers something of value, highlight that feature in your ads, in your Facebook Page content, and occasionally in your Twitter feed. Please understand: I don’t mean use a long list of amenities. Frankly, that’s boring and exactly what everyone else is doing. Use the statistics above to create ad titles/headlines that are unique for your community.Below are a few examples of ways you can turn your apartment community features into a call-to-action. Your community offers -Free water and trash services.“Save $50 a month with our FREE water and garbage service!”Free cable.“Thinking of canceling cable to save money? If you...

Posted by on in Property Management
This may come as a shock, but I've been thinking. After the debacle, I started thinking about the ILS models in general. I've shared some of my thoughts about ILS's in a MFI discussion (click here) before, but here are some more ideas and I want yours please. Tell us what you want to see. How do you want to see the ILS's change? [video: 444x350]As seen @ Tidbits from The Apartment Nerd ...

Posted by on in Property Management
How did we get from search engines to social media? It's been a long journey.We know that the fastest way to improve your search engine rankings is to pay a couple of thousands of dollars to a Search Engine Optimization consultant to tell you how to clean up the title and description tags and content on your page and to get your webmaster to follow through. The second investment you make is to build unique and compelling content. That's what we did for customers in 2005.We know that getting inbound links helps search engine rankings. We used to write press releases and put them on sites like, or if we had the budget, We also wrote unique content and put them on sites like This was called PR and article marketing, respectively, and that was so 2006.We believed that providing information about moving resources and local business information would be a great amenity for residents. We launched and then followed up with a property-specific version with 5000 business reviews, called eRetriever, in 2007. We got 160 properties to sign on in the Philadelphia metro area, but it didn't take off nationally... and the service was free.cart/horseAnd now, we're doing exactly the same things with Respage, only this time the content management system is called a blog and we're syndicating through sites like Twitter and Facebook. In 2009, we call it Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing. But has the concept really changed?Back then, the cart was...

Posted by on in Property Management
Do you ever wonder what your high school sweetheart, quarterback, class clown, cheerleading captain, class nerd, and valedictorian are up to these days? You may have lost touch with these people over the years but all is not lost. Baby boomers and beyond are finding social networking sites appealing for the same reasons most people do - to stay in touch with people. They are interested in reconnecting with old friends and classmates whom they haven't talked to in more than 30 years.  Currently, 16.5 million adults age 55 and older engage in social networking, according to Internet monitoring site comScore. A consumer survey of U.S. consumers from the NPD group, Inc., a leading provider of reliable consumer research, shows that 61% of baby boomer Internet users (age 44 to 61) had visited sites that offer streaming or downloadable video, while 41% had visited social networks. There are helpful, even enjoyable and easy-to-use, Web sites that offer social benefits such as networking opportunities, research tools, and helpful articles on everything from retirement to long term care. These sites allow you to sign up and join, meet others, post articles etc, while others provide access to useful information regarding life after 55. The industry experts at After 55TM Housing and Resource Guide and continue to stay abreast of new media trends and want to provide you with a list of social networking sites that can benefit you. Facebook Facebook is a place to connect online with your friends and family...

Posted by on in Property Management
Social Media- Know Your Risks  By Nadeen Green, Senior Legal Counsel at For Rent Media SolutionsWhen you got ready to leave home today, you knew there was the possibility that someone could wrongly come into your home to steal things, so you probably locked your door, and perhaps set an alarm.  Then, when you got behind the wheel of your car, you knew there could be an accident, so you buckled your seat belt.  No one is telling you not to leave home or not to drive, but both of these activities pose risks.  Everyday we take risks, and the better informed we can be about risks, the smarter and safer we are.  The same is true for advertisers as they embrace social media to promote their apartment communities.  Social media is a great innovation, but it does have its risks, and the better informed advertisers can be about those risks, the smarter and safer they are. Remember that a website is a form of advertising.  As a practical matter it is no different than any form of traditional advertising, and the same rules apply.  The things you say must be true, because if they are not, it is libel; you have to be aware of consumer laws (watch out for sweepstakes that are really illegal lotteries); and, you have to honor the trademarks and copyrights of others. And of course, don't forget about fair housing considerations.  The point of a website is to advertise the community; what is posted on a website (and that...

Posted by on in Property Management
Don't get me wrong; I'm a big believer in Social Media and what it can do for apartment community marketing, resident retention, recruiting and more. But sometimes when we're in such a rush to update our Facebook status, Tweet our latest adventures/ideas/inane things (yes, I'm guilty of that), video our thoughts and upload them to YouTube, blog about our opinions, or IM with our coworkers, clients and friends, I worry that we're forgetting the original 'social media'. We LIVE with our customers. No other industry can really say that. We become interconnected with their lives, like it or not. We know about their out-of-control kids, their loud romantic activities, where they shop (because we sign for the packages and allow the delivery people into their apartment), where they work, how much they make and what their credit rating is. We know their pets, their pet peeves, where they work, where they work out, and we often know when they are out and about. In short, we know much more about our customers than the typical Starbuck's barista or Target cashier. We are the original Social Media-building community both online and so importantly, in person. . We created connections, created content, provided social gathering places and made the peer recommendations. And we still do.Don't forget that when you're Facebooking, Tweeting, YouTubing and more. Pick up the phone, chat with your residents, wave to them when they drive by and stop and speak with them when you see them in the building or on the property.You...

Posted by on in Property Management
TweetFor more than a year now, the marketing world has been abuzz with all things Twitter.  And while Twitter has yet to prove whether or not it will stand the test of time as a viable marketing tool, with more than 70 million registered users, there’s no doubt that all property managers should at least be considering exactly how Twitter can help them grow and promote their business. Why all the buzz over Twitter? Of all the social networking and electronic marketing tools out there, Twitter is the most easily maintained. Unlike Facebook or MySpace, Twitter doesn’t require users to invest large quantities of time into creating profiles or maintaining a web page. With Twitter it’s as easy as signing up, creating a profile of no more than 160 characters (keep in mind that creativity counts with this sort of word limitation) and then beginning to broadcast updates (or “tweets”) of 140 characters or less. Because of the character confines, Twitter offers a blogging alternative that does not require a lengthy brainstorming or writing process. These short updates are also known as micro-blogging. Essentially, you can think of it as a “mini-blog;” it’s as simple as writing a sentence or two update and you’re done. Twitter demographics Businesses are especially drawn to Twitter because of the application’s demographics. Unlike other social networking sites that are primarily driven by tweens or young adults, Twitter appeals to older demographics. According to an April 2009 comScore study, Twitter’s highest user demographics are in the...