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Brent, this is a great tool. I am involved with making the job of operating a fitness center EASY i...
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Posted by on in Property Management
Just when I thought some of the heat and debate would start to die down, then I find that the fire just keeps on burning with some.  I am not against other people voicing their opinions.  That's what freedom of speech is all about.   I scratch my head though with repetitive comments and thoughts from 2009 already streaming into 2010.  Using social media simply has core attributes that cannot be ignored if you want a measure of success.    Let me quote you what Mike Schnaffer said in this morning.  He was referring to Ford's campaign when he stated the following.    "A good example is Scott Monty who heads up social media for Ford. Monty is very effective in getting Ford's message out by talking with customers rather than just talking to customers."   The basis of the entire article was talking about how certain groups of people could actually be killing Social Media.  The spammers and the blatant advertisers who want to get you 2 millions followers and whiten your teeth are the ones who are ruining the experience.  There are a lot of good techniques to avoid these people in the first place which will be the subject of another post.  I want to leave everyone with the simple thought of the title of this blog.  How do you make eye contact in social media?    There are some gross misconceptions out there as to how you should interact on these platforms.  I had one individual the other day ask me how to...

Posted by on in Property Management
I've been following the whole TWITTER phenomenon very closely. At first, I was VERY confused. Who would use twitter and why? More importantly, why would I use twitter, and what would I tweet? After months of following tweeters, tweeting, searching tweets, reading tweets, re-tweeting, something dawned on me: Not all twitter users are created equal! In order to best understand and utilize twitter, I had to decide what kind of twitter user I was or wanted to be.Most twitter users fell in the following 4 categories:Tweeters - These guys have something to say, and they are out there sharing IT with the world, or at least, the twitterverse. In the real world, these would be your authors, writers, politicians, radio personalities, teachers, educators, speakers, advocates, socialites, personalities, class clowns, etc. Instead of a book, magazine, stage, forum, class, radio, soapbox, etc. - they use twitter to get their message out.Followers - are exactly that. They follow the tweeters. They are the audience. In the real world, these would be readers, subscribers, students, supporters, etc. In the twitterverse, there is more opportunity to INTERACT with their tweeters than in the real world. AND, almost more importantly, that INTERACTION is shared with all fellow followers AND the twitterverse.These are the TOP 2 types of twitter users. In the business world, and in our multi-family apartment industry, the following 2 lesser known types are KEY to marketing and sales:Listeners - these are not just followers - these twitter users are out there listening for very specific topics or...

Posted by on in Property Management
I have been thinking a lot lately about Engagement, and Contests and how we can create much more leverage with partnering and social media. We have all done far too many not so successful Contests, where the effort and investment fall far short of the mark.Last year we wanted to add furnished apartment photos to our Urbane Apartments web site, and with people in the photos. We tried using hired models, but that was pretty expensive and looked too staged. We ended up doing a photo shoot, where we sent out a photographer for the shoot and traded the pictures for rent. We got some excellent photos and Urbane Resident participation.  So, all is good right, well sort of, but when we totaled up all the free rent, while it may have been a great deal based on what we got (live models are over the top expensive), we think there is a better way, and how we are approaching Contests and Social Media in 2010. For instance, What if we would have partnered with say, Kodak for our contest, they get exposure (no pun intended) for their product on our web sites, and with our demographic, and we could have gotten an array of things in exchange for that, including the spread of the photos on their many photography blogs and blogger following; think Link Love.  Partnership MarketingOne of our most successful Contests and Events at Urbane happened this fall when we partnered with Sharpie Pens for our Sharpie Draw...

Posted by on in Property Management
Dominos Pizza recently created a great video on how they utilized social media and costumer criticism to "Turnaround" and come back with a new and improved product. There are no shortage of venues for customers to make complaints these days. What's important to ask is how businesses are utilizing this customer feedback to improve.    ***********Elysa Rice is Ellipse Communication's Emerging Media Consultant. Ellipse is celebrating 10 years providing websites and software to the multifamily industry.  ...

Posted by on in Property Management
As more and more companies have a Facebook Fan Page, we thought it would be a great addition to our Multifamily Insiders' profiles! You can see an example of the Facebook Fan Page, and then watch the video to add your Fan Page to your own profile! [video: 444x250] Have a better idea on how to find the API Key and Profile ID? Just add a comment below! ...

Posted by on in Property Management
Did you know that Mike Whaling, Eric Brown, Duncan Alney, myself, and an occasional guest do a weekly podcast show? Check it out over on the right hand side of my blog or subscribe to it on iTunes.  [video: 425x250]As seen @ Tidbits from The Apartment Nerd ...

Posted by on in Property Management

Augmented reality has made its way into the multi-housing industry. What is augmented reality, you ask? Combine the GPS and camera functions on your cell phone, feed in basic data about the landmarks in your area, and you will have pieced together the main tools needed to create augmented reality. If that still doesn't draw a good visual, just think about the yellow "first down" line in football. It is digitally imposed over the field to give you a better perspective of where first down is.

Augmented reality lets consumers view real-time digital information on top of reality through the camera of their cell phone. Layar, the world's first augmented reality application, is now available to potential renters. Using this innovative app, apartment seekers can view apartments for rent featured on through the camera of their iPhone® 3GS or Google Android mobile phone within a 10-mile radius of where they are standing.

Once the apartment seeker selects the property of their choice, phone and email contact information appears at the bottom of the screen. The Layar application makes it easy for potential renters to find their next apartment. This is beneficial to property managers because it gives real-time information and makes it easier for potential renters to find their listings. Simply point; then click.
The augmented reality application could change the mobile apartment searching process. Need more details? CNN created a great story about this new application here.

Download the Layar app directly from your iPhone 3GS or Google Android phone. To learn more about the augmented reality application, click here.

Posted by on in Property Management
The Dos and Don’ts of Twitter For apartment leasing and new home community sales By Jory Rozner Strosberg, ThePropertyDiva DO Find industry experts, local businesses and local people relevant to your propertyFollow themListen to themLearn from themConverse – Re-tweet interesting tweets, reply often, respond and ask questionsAdd value – Tweet good articles, good ideas and good answersBe transparent and somewhat personalLet us know who is tweeting for your communityKeep your brand message consistent DON’T Don’t try to rent or sell by spamming your twitter stream with your available unitsDon’t use twitter as a billboard to tell us about your specialsDon’t have different people tweeting for your community on different daysDon’t fail to respond to your @mentions or direct messagesDon’t direct message (DM) people with your specials or offerings.  Save that for your opt-in email lists Follow these simple steps and suggestions and you will automatically begin to get followers, learn a lot and increase your brand exposure for your community.  If you don’t, people will unfollow you or  just tune your noise out. Jory Rozner Strosberg is a Chicago Realtor and property marketing consultant.  When you want to boost your sales or rentals and want new, fresh ideas,  contact Jory Rozner Strosberg, ThePropertyDiva at 847.436.4752 or email me.  I specialize in innovated marketing ideas, internet and social media as well as Realtor outreach programs for the multifamily industry. You can also find me on TwitterVisit my website Jory Rozner Strosberg, THEpropertyDiva!   ...

Posted by on in Property Management
Many of the apartment communities that I'm connected to on Facebook are set up as profiles rather than fan pages. The problem is that having a profile for business is against Facebook's terms and conditions.  Lisa Trosien has pointed out that she gets regular calls from apartment communities whose profiles have disappeared because they went against Facebook rules. So all their work, contacts, etc are now down the tubes. Unfortunately, there is no easy converter to change your profile to a fan page. So instead, you have to spread that message to your network and inspire them to become fans. Here is a video that will help you do that.[video: 444x250]  (In the video, I reference the Custom Profile Box.  You can find the app here:  If you are looking for a similar solution for your Fan Page, you can use the FBML app.  Changes to the Facebook Fan Page may impact how this application works, however.)  I am sure there are other great ideas to spread the word - What other suggestions can you all give?...

Posted by on in Property Management
Every seven seconds someone in America turns 50.* Where will they live? The 50-plus population is the fastest growing segment of the housing market.** Adjusting to retirement and "empty nests," many will move to communities that offer lifestyle choices that meet their new needs. Housing for the senior market includes a variety of different options, including independent living, assisted living, nursing homes, and continuing care. Whichever definition your community fits into, providing the right amenities to the after 55 demographic is essential. According to, many seniors like to do one of the following in their spare time: travel, walking and other light exercise, reading, going to theater (cinema and live), volunteer work, and listening to music. Knowing some of these preferences can help ensure your community offers what after 55 residents want, making your community highly desirable. Things like: Transportation. As mentioned previously, seniors like to get out and do things in their spare time. If your community can assist them in any way, that would be a great feature to advertise. For example, provide transportation for shopping excursions, theater, and to local restaurants. Scheduled activities. Find out what your residents are interested in and make those activities available on an ongoing basis. Organize bridge tournaments, bunco, yoga, or perhaps training sessions for avid walkers or swimmers. Offer services. What a convenience it would be to provide certain services on-site. Things like blood-pressure testing or seasonal flu vaccines, salon services or even income tax preparation during tax season would...