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I have 32 years of experience in the real estate business as an officer manager, property manager, real estate agent and leasing agent. My specialty is improving NOI.
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Carolina Rental Resources LLC
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The Kensington
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Small, privately owned multi-family housing commmunity.
Sandy Martin

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  • Sandy Martin created a new topic ' Is it as HOT There as it is HERE?' in the forum.
    I'm talking about the temperature!! Here in the southeastern part of the country we are in a serious heat wave. With residents only able to use the swimming pool from Memorial Day to Labor Day and now this scorching heat with people dying from exposure, the "pool time" is being reduced a lot....
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    kunena.post 13 hours ago
  • Sandy Martin replied to the topic 'Popular Wall Colors' in the forum.
    My brother-in-law works for Sherwin Williams and has been very helpful selecting colors. I painted several areas of my office wall with the colors we used so residents could see the actual color on the wall to help them make a decision on color.

    You can also go on Pinterest and type in a search for...
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    kunena.post 69 days ago
  • Sandy Martin thanks user 'InsiderBrent' in the forum message ' Checking in on Elderly Residents'.
    kunena.thankyou 75 days ago
  • Sandy Martin replied to the topic 'Checking in on Elderly Residents' in the forum.
    If residents can sign up for the service so not all residents are under the program, it might work better. How long would they go before checking on them?

    We had a resident pass away in her apartment. Found her 4 days later because someone came to check on her when she didn't show up for work...
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    kunena.post 76 days ago
  • Please read Nadine Green's new blog on this subject she recently posted.
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    kunena.post 87 days ago
  • The reason for not copying the photo ID and to change my policy to require it only upon approval is the information mentioned in the HUD guidelines to have a "faceless"application to help win in court. It would help support our case if there were a complaint of discrimination based on race or...
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    kunena.post 90 days ago
  • kunena.thankyou 90 days ago
  • Sandy Martin thanks user 'Tab' in the forum message ' NO MAINTENANCE!'.
    kunena.thankyou 90 days ago
  • Sandy Martin thanks user 'A.Truax' in the forum message ' NO MAINTENANCE!'.
    kunena.thankyou 91 days ago
  • I am familiar with LIHTC in our area. Most take any housing assistance and vouchers, other than Section 8. You might try calling all of the LIHTC communities in your area and ask the manager what agency vouchers or regular monthly assistance they are currently taking, besides Section 8. They...
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    kunena.post 91 days ago
  • Sandy Martin created a new topic ' NO MAINTENANCE!' in the forum.
    My owner/client,is not making repairs. I am in a contractor situation where they are my client and I am their agent.It's a small property and their only property in my state.

    I've got about 4 floors sinking, dishwashers not working, oven not working and a lot of miscellaneous annoying stuff. I...
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    kunena.post 91 days ago
  • I read it very thoroughly. It is my understanding, just as you said. However, if you deny someone based on their criminal background and they file a complaint of discrimination this is what the April 4th Guidelines states: "A housing provider must, however, be able to prove through reliable...
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    kunena.post 99 days ago
  • Now that HUD has issued their new guidelines on using Criminal Background Checks when qualifying applicants, I've been working on criteria for applicants with criminal convictions. Currently, no felonies and no misdemeanors for the past 10 years (except minor traffic violations). Now, this won't...
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    kunena.post 100 days ago
  • Sandy Martin replied to the topic 'New Challenge Property' in the forum.
    This is what I would do:
    1.Maintenance--Find out his favorite place to eat for lunch and ask him to go on a lunch meeting with you. Build up his ego!! Tell him how much you appreciate how well he has kept the property, anything you can think of to praise him. Tell him your plans (but don't...
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    kunena.post 100 days ago
  • Sandy Martin replied to the topic 'Pizza Party Flyer' in the forum.
    I emailed the pet and pizza flyers to you.
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    kunena.post 101 days ago
  • Sandy Martin replied to the topic 'Pizza Party Flyer' in the forum.
    Hope this works for you!
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    kunena.post 102 days ago
  • Sandy Martin replied to the topic 'pizza party' in the forum.
    What software do you have? If you have Publisher, I can make you one. If you have Word I can make you one, just won't be as nice. Tell me what you want on it. It's easy for me. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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    kunena.post 105 days ago
  • Try calling some of the apartment managers in your area to see what they are paying.
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    kunena.post 106 days ago