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I have 29 years of experience in the real estate business as an officer manager, property manager, real estate agent and leasing agent. My primary experience is in marketing and real estate law.
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Carolina Rental Resources LLC
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The Kensington
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Small, privately owned multi-family housing commmunity.
Sandy Martin

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  • Sandy Martin thanks user 'A.Truax' in the forum message ' Any New Trends in Calculating Income to Qualify?'.
    kunena.thankyou 6 days ago
  • Sandy Martin created a new topic ' Any New Trends in Calculating Income to Qualify?' in the forum.
    The old days of "Pay Stubs" are fading quickly. Direct deposit is at an all-time high (unless it's just our areas).

    I wanted to get some feedback from anyone who is using something different than "3 Times the Rent" to qualify.

    I have seen:

    1. 3 times the NET rent (I've always used gross)
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    kunena.post 7 days ago
  • This is why I feel all units should have at least 2 smoke detectors in the unit. I do not think maintenance should go to a unit overnight to change a battery. It probably started beeping a few days before and they got tired of it beeping when they
    komento 12 days ago
  • 1. Corporate then Regional Manager

    2. Reputation management

    3. Magically, I would like every initial ad placed to have a "tracking device" so I could change the initial ad and all of the other syndicated ads would change at the same time, including remove them.

    4. loss to vacancy
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    kunena.post 19 days ago
  • Sandy Martin created a new topic ' Bank Accounts Levied to pay Student Loans' in the forum.
    In the past, the companies I have worked for in my region (southeast) have never counted student loan or medical debt when considering an applicant's approval for residency.

    Yesterday, one of my tenants called and said his income tax refund was withdrawn from his checking account to pay for an old...
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    kunena.post 23 days ago
  • Sandy Martin thanks user 'Scott Richardson' in the forum message ' How Stupid Is This?'.
    kunena.thankyou 32 days ago
  • Sandy Martin replied to the topic 'How Stupid Is This?' in the forum.
    This is a learning experience for us. We attended an Eviction Training Seminar at the police station last week and found out a few things from local magistrates, lawyers, officers and a few others.
    1. We are evicting the household due to a lease violation (not crime) because it is easier to prove....
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    kunena.post 34 days ago
  • Sandy Martin created a new topic ' How Stupid Is This?' in the forum.
    When we first took over this little property in a notoriously crime-ridden area, a police officer contacted us to tell us about "the grandson."

    He lives with his grandmother, 30 years old and sells drugs to the neighborhood out of his grandmother's apartment. We checked on it, inspected the...
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    kunena.post 37 days ago
  • What a beautiful story! I'm going to tell you a secret...YOU are the fresh perspective.

    Great customer service from people who are excited about the property and really care about the tenants needs are the best asset you have right now. Those poor people have been neglected right along with the...
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    kunena.post 43 days ago
  • Sandy Martin created a new topic ' How to Live for Free in Charlotte, NC' in the forum.
    Landlords who own older, neglected properties in this area BEWARE! Before you rent your property to anyone, get a list of violations from the city housing code and N.C. statues and following them to the letter or you could end up with one of these tenants:

    They move in then stop paying rent. You...
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    kunena.post 52 days ago
  • Sandy Martin replied to the topic 'Lock Change after Move Out' in the forum.
    One of my techs forgot to change the locks on a vacant. The new tenant got a big surprise one night when an old friend of the former tenant popped in with his key.

    He traveled and didn't know they had moved.

    I threw my last master key in the ocean at Myrtle Beach about 9 years ago. I guess you...
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    kunena.post 56 days ago
  • Sandy Martin replied to the topic 'DEALING WITH DRUG USE FROM TENANT' in the forum.
    Tell the owners no one wants to pay more rent living next to a criminal using drugs. I would bet everyone talks about how the landlord lets people sit outside and use drugs on the front porch in broad daylight. That reputation will get around quickly in the community and in the city. It's hard to...
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    kunena.post 59 days ago
  • Sandy Martin replied to the topic 'I need a letter!' in the forum.
    I have been writing a lot of letters lately and after reading what I write, I find it best to minimize the content to as few words as possible.

    So, I write what I would REALLY like to say to make me feel better.

    Then I just write:

    You lease expires____ and we are exercising our option not to...
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    kunena.post 69 days ago
  • Sandy Martin created a new topic ' Dividing Maintenance Hours Between 3 Properties' in the forum.
    I oversee 3 properties with 2 40-hour maintenance techs.

    Two properties are in the same city. The 3rd property is 25-35 minutes away.

    In the beginning, I divided up maintenance hours between the 2 techs and 3 properties base on the number of units each one has.

    I came up with:
    Property A: 4...
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    kunena.post 72 days ago
  • Sandy Martin replied to the topic 'Monthly Newsletters?' in the forum.
    Hard copy done through Publisher. I've done my own for 10 years.
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    kunena.post 75 days ago
  • Sandy Martin replied to the topic 'Administrative Fees' in the forum.
    The administrative fee is in addition to the application fee.
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    kunena.post 76 days ago