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I have 29 years of experience in the real estate business as an officer manager, property manager, real estate agent and leasing agent. My primary experience is in marketing and real estate law.
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Carolina Rental Resources LLC
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Small, privately owned multi-family housing commmunity.
Sandy Martin

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  • Unfortunately, "fear language" is what the majority of people understand and sit up and pay attention to. This reminds me of a problem I had before with teenagers hanging out in breezeways. Telling them nicely how their standing around is a fire co
    komento 19 hours ago
  • With so many multi-family communities being sold to inexperienced multi-family investors who want to be their own asset managers, is there a growing trend to lower maintenance standards to save money?

    I came from the old school of 24-hour emergency maintenance. Going out overnight for some...
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    kunena.post 3 days ago
  • I know a lot of you have been through this and I need advice NOW! I'm having deja vu from a previous experience that I don't want to repeat.

    I expect a new owner/management company to takeover by next Wednesday. I sent them information about transferring utilities and telephone 2 weeks ago, which...
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    kunena.post 4 days ago
  • Some online templates have a big block, like this one, to fill in and it ends up as one long paragraph. I use........................to separate........................features to make it........................easier to see them.
    komento 5 days ago
  • Great discussion!

    I just have to chime in that I get great, quality prospects from AR.com, but I am 100% recommended.

    I read all of the ratings for all of the apartments in my area and I am seeing ratings increase and more manager responses than before.

    Responding to negative reviews is...
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    kunena.post 8 days ago
  • Sandy Martin replied to the topic 'on site management' in the forum.
    Reminds me of one of my old jobs.

    We are so customer-service focused, we forget we can turn it off after hours.

    Sit down and make rules for YOURSELF. Then don't break them as you would expect your tenants not to break them.

    This will help you feel more in control, which will reduce your stress....
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    kunena.post 8 days ago
  • Sandy Martin replied to the topic 'Owner occupied ratio to tenant occupied' in the forum.
    You need to map the properties in the immediate market area you are looking to purchase in and do a market survey. Contact each property by phone, fax or e-mail and ask for their current occupancy percentage, prices,etc. Take the ones that are in the same price range and look at their current...
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    kunena.post 11 days ago
  • Sandy Martin replied to the topic 'How to lease a handicap unit...to anyone! Help!' in the forum.
    Can you advertise it? Craiglist, local newspaper ad? I would also contact other comparable communities in the area and let them know you have one.They might know of someone looking for one. Also, do you have a local board of disabilities you can contact and send information too?

    You could also...
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    kunena.post 23 days ago
  • Sandy Martin created a new topic ' Fire Code Compliance' in the forum.
    I am looking for information to pass on to the residents for Fire Code Compliance and Violations.

    It's a new property, no breezeways. I am attaching a photo. Two Story building, with 4 access doors on the front with a covered porch all of the way across.

    Since the weather is warming up, there...
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    kunena.post 26 days ago
  • Sandy Martin replied to the topic 'Do you allow felons who had a drug charge?' in the forum.
    Still wouldn't allow them. The reason...they broke the law. They knew it was illegal when they did it. If I were at a party and people started smoking crack, I would head for the door.

    For me, it's the fact they ignored the law and did what they wanted. I look at this as a behavior pattern that...
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    kunena.post 32 days ago
  • Sandy Martin created a new topic ' Stolen Car Prank in my Community!!' in the forum.
    After sending out "Incident Report" notices to all of my tenants (48 units) letting them know that a tenant's car was stolen from our parking lot, it turns out to be a prank!!!!

    We have never had any type of incident of this nature. No outside crime at all in our small community. So, after...
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    kunena.post 42 days ago
  • Sandy Martin created a new topic ' Tenant Painting Policies' in the forum.
    For the past 3 years, we have allowed tenants to paint accent walls, or entire rooms, as long as it was not a dark color.

    I have to approve the shade of paint and it cannot be darker that the current color on the walls.

    I am using Sherwin Williams color "Macadamia." It's a rich tan color and...
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    kunena.post 49 days ago
  • Sandy Martin replied to the topic 'Should I leave my property that is up for sale?' in the forum.
    I have been on my property for 4 years. It has been for sale for one year and under contract twice. It is a roller-coaster, but I have chosen to stay because I love the property and my residents. I am dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the property until the very end.

    The current buyer...
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    kunena.post 49 days ago
  • Sandy Martin created a new topic ' Waiting List Applications on Property For Sale?' in the forum.
    We are under contract and expect to close April 1st. I am 100% and accepting waiting list applications.

    It just occurred to me that the new owner may have different criteria for applicants or they may not accept the waiting list applicants I have. I have been told by the current owner to...
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    kunena.post 55 days ago
  • Sandy Martin created a new topic ' Pet Fee Payments no Being Made' in the forum.
    I was dumb enough to accept payment arrangements for pet fees for new move ins. I offered to let new tenants pay $25 per month beginning their first full month until paid.

    I just sent invoices to 8 households (100%) that have not made a single payment. The pet fee is $200 for one plus $100 for 2...
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    kunena.post 56 days ago