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I have 29 years of experience in the real estate business as an officer manager, property manager, real estate agent and leasing agent. My primary experience is in marketing and real estate law.
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Carolina Rental Resources LLC
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The Kensington
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Small, privately owned multi-family housing commmunity.
Sandy Martin

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  • Sandy Martin replied to the topic 'Fun Craigslist Titles' in the forum.
    :) :) We're All SMILES at Kensington! :) :)

    BOW WOW WOW! WE'RE PET FRIENDLY! (I love this one!)


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    kunena.post 21 hours ago
  • Sandy Martin created a new topic ' TENANT COMPLAINTS ABOUT PROPERTY MANAGER' in the forum.
    I have been asked by an owner of another property to advise them on how to handle a problem with the property manager.

    The manager has been employed for about a year and is good at handling the property itself, but has poor people skills.

    The owner has received dozens of e-mails and phone calls...
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    kunena.post 2 days ago
  • Sandy Martin created a new topic ' Applicant Credit & FICO Score Changes Coming' in the forum.
    I recently read this article about changes FICO is making to credit scoring. I have provided a link at the end.

    Two of the highlights of the article are:

    1. They will lessen the impact medical bills have on the score.

    2. They will stop counting collections that have been paid in full.

    In my...
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    kunena.post 8 days ago
  • Sandy Martin replied to the topic 'First time investor question' in the forum.
    If you are a first-time investor, there are some things you need to consider when purchasing near campus. Your goals for a multi-family investment property should be:
    1. Long-term residents to keep turnover costs low.
    2. Applicants who can prove they pay their bills on time
    3. Updates already...
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    kunena.post 14 days ago
  • Sandy Martin thanks user 'Georgetown Manor' in the forum message ' 3 CANCELLATIONS IN 14 DAYS???'.
    kunena.thankyou 24 days ago
  • Sandy Martin replied to the topic '3 CANCELLATIONS IN 14 DAYS???' in the forum.
    We are in the process of changing the information in Appfolio to reflect the non-refundable deposit that is due upon approval of the application.

    Two of the 3 applicants already signed their leases. One canceled the day she was supposed to sign.

    We kept $200 of the deposit from the 2 applicants...
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    kunena.post 24 days ago
  • Sandy Martin replied to the topic 'YouTube Maintenance Go-To's' in the forum.
    This old house has some good ones. I have used several videos for training. The last one was how to rekey a lock. Haven't set any channels.
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    kunena.post 24 days ago
  • Sandy Martin replied to the topic 'North Carolina No Incentive To Pay Rent Ontime!' in the forum.
    Just wanted to let everyone know I did that once or twice at my first management job years ago. I've come up with a lot of better incentives to get tenants to pay rent. One way I came up with for nc, is to lease and renew with a monthly discount off the market rate. A lot of companies offer move in...
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    kunena.post 30 days ago
  • Love your blog. I was discussing this subject with a colleague yesterday. At my small community, I have had the flexibility to start out with taking anyone for lease-up, weeding them out, then finding the right prospects with the use of a "Resident
    komento 31 days ago
  • Sandy Martin created a new topic ' News and High Profile Eviction' in the forum.
    kunena.post 34 days ago
  • Sandy Martin replied to the topic '3 CANCELLATIONS IN 14 DAYS???' in the forum.
    One cancelled because she is having a troubled pregnancy and has to cut back her hours. They didn't feel they could afford the apartment after that.

    The second one said they had a death in the family. Not sure about that one. They had the power turned on in their name and were on their way to...
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    kunena.post 38 days ago
  • Sandy Martin created a new topic ' 3 CANCELLATIONS IN 14 DAYS???' in the forum.
    I have been under new ownership for 2 months now. They have an online application that, I assumed, covered things like 1. Non-refundable application fee; 2. Refund of security deposits; 3. A few other important points.

    I realized yesterday, it doesn't. There's no criteria on it, either.

    I have...
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    kunena.post 38 days ago
  • Has anyone used these ductless systems or know a little about them?

    We have two story townhouses and we are considering installing one to see if it would save us and the tenant money.

    I've done a little research and they seem ideal, except I wonder how they would cool if a bedroom door were shut...
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    kunena.post 46 days ago
  • Sandy Martin replied to the topic 'Difference Managing Rental Apartment and Condo' in the forum.
    I am a multi-family housing manager, I own 2 condos and I am president of the HOA.

    There are a lot of differences, but just some that I would have to say would be:

    Payment differences. Rent is monthly. HOA could be quarterly or annually payments and they both need delinquent reports.
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    kunena.post 47 days ago
  • Sandy Martin replied to the topic 'How to nail that interview...' in the forum.
    I nailed an interview and beat out my close friend with more experience with 2 things, according to the regional manager interviewing me:

    1. I didn't "babble" or have empty conversation.

    2. I did an extensive market survey on the property with photos of the competition. I really did my...
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    kunena.post 47 days ago