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Disclaimer: My views are my own and are not representative of any Management Company. I am an independent-thinking real estate professional specializing in reinventing challenged properties. COS;CAM
Historic Buildings, Houses, all things Southern, & Art
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  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'Looking for a "Team Player?"' in the forum.
    I do not know a Manager who does not consult with Maintenance when planning budgets and deciding how to align Owner's goals to meet the budget and needs of the property/residents. That, that takes teamwork. The only time this would not take place is if the maintenance tasks are all contracted out...
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    kunena.post 1 day ago
  • Mindy Sharp added a new comment in The Secret Weapon
    I LOVE this blog! What a great story and the point is well written. Thanks for sharing!
    komento 1 day ago
  • Mindy Sharp added a new comment in Leasing to Baby Boomers
    This is what I know about the market for Baby Boomers in my area. If you are a person of a certain age, and you want to sell your house, or you want maintenance-free living, the choices can be limited depending upon one's level of income. For most of
    komento 1 day ago
  • To some degree this already happens in Student Housing communities of major universities where the star athletes live. I now happen to know a few pro football players, lol. Anyway, they aren't allowed to accept gratuities, etc., but having those famo
    komento 9 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'CPM Designation - Worth it or not?' in the forum.
    All designations are worth it in the multifamily industry. It demonstrates one's commitment to the field, to learning, and to presenting yourself confidently.
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    kunena.post 11 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'Pre-Screening Questionnaire by Phone?' in the forum.
    This is not personal; professionals understand it can become a fair housing issue if you having leasing consultants not inviting everyone to visit your community. As an experienced Leasing Professional and Manager, I have met with many people who said they "don't make that much" and upon...
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    kunena.post 11 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'Pre-Screening Questionnaire by Phone?' in the forum.
    Pre-screening questions are not supposed to encourage leasing consultants to discourage Prospects from visiting a community or applying for an apartment. All Prospects should be invited to come to your community to tour and learn about the community. We are engaging people and yes, maybe once they...
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    kunena.post 12 days ago
  • If you don't want to utilize a local service in your area, I would recommend Call Max. This is very affordable and they also offer other services, such as package log in software. For 80 units, you could consider forwarding the emergency number phone line to a single phone for the on-call tech to...
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    kunena.post 28 days ago
  • These days when workplace violence is not farfetched, it's important that everyone recognize there can be limits to implement to protect the onsite team. Thank you for your comment, Michelle.
    komento 46 days ago
  • Candee - yes! People share their most private life experiences and thoughts with onsite teams all the time, things you would never tell even your best friend sometimes. It's true - you can't make this stuff up. Thank you for commenting.
    komento 46 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'Is my experience at one company holding me back?' in the forum.
    Hi Page! If I am understanding correctly, what you are saying is that at your company, you performed a lot more roles than most onsite managers do. This means, you can lease, hire, terminate, discipline, manage leases, perform more in-depth financial reporting and these skills translates to doing...
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    kunena.post 51 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'What's up with the work orders?' in the forum.
    You're right - inputting the detailed information on the work order is key. I bet that is the number one complaint most Maintenance Techs report, too. Property Managers to the Maintenance Supervisors to the answering service, etc. all should be properly instructed as to what information a Tech will...
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    kunena.post 67 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'Tenant Transfers' in the forum.
    Most leases contain clauses covering transfers and sublets. Some management companies charge a Transfer Fee if a transfer is allowed during a current lease term. Some software systems, like RealPage make the transfers very easy with a simple set up and click of the mouse. Yardi treats transfers like...
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    kunena.post 67 days ago
  • easyblog 67 days ago
  • Mindy Sharp replied to the topic 'What's up with the work orders?' in the forum.
    For our properties, it is important to manage work orders because it helps provide needed documentation as to what the properties' problem areas are, how much we expended per repair, and helps get your budgets on track, or at least provide an explanation as to why you off budget in certain areas....
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    kunena.post 67 days ago
  • "A review shouldn't be a monologue by the manager. It should be a two-way conversation between supervisor and employee." If the Manager is dialoguing every day with those managed, there would be no need for something as archaic as a "Performance Revi
    komento 75 days ago