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Maintaining your building can be difficult to say the least, here are 7 common items that are usually overlooked but can usually, be fixed in minutes. These tips may seem easy but they get overlooked often. 1) Missing & Broken Smoke Alarms and Ca...
Many apartment communities face the challenge of residents who skip out on leases before they’re fulfilled. And every resident who skips out on a lease leaves an unexpected vacancy in his or her wake. Residents skip out on leases for many different r...
Have you noticed that Cokes just taste DIFFERENT at McDonald’s? (Now for you more health conscious individuals I feel the need to mention that I don’t frequent McDonald’s much any more. Apparently the older I get the more my body tells me, “You ...
Accepting payments, when you're in the real estate industry, it can be difficult. Why you ask? It's due to risk. Since a large portion of the real estate industry deal with trades and e-payments, being able to set up a high risk merchant account to a...
Continuing on from Part 1 of 3,   Lessons I learned from my 1st-8th grade teachers set me up for sales success, albeit indirectly, sometimes hilariously (and embarrassingly....)!  4th grade: Miss Rock. Lesson:  Sometimes people lie. T...

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