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Imagine a leasing consultant returning from an apartment tour. It’s an apartment with a less than great view, it’s been vacant for 45 days. It’s on this weeks focus “hot” list. The manager asks, “How did it go, did you get a deposit?”...
Ancillary income for multifamily properties is always a hot topic, both for punitive fee-based charges, as well as service upgrades, and was a compelling session topic at the 2017 National Apartment Association Education Conference and Expo.  Ac...
Weekly or bi-weekly pricing review calls are a great forum to learn more information on why a property is or isn’t leasing. But sometimes when helping teams the answer isn’t as simple as just “the price”. You may be surprised what may arise as part o...
Hardwire Internet has important edge over Wi-Fi for Apartments The world is linked by wireless Internet, but even Wi-Fi can experience some connection tangles from time to time. While, Wi-Fi is a more popular, widely used method of Internet connectio...
Have you ever been cruising through life, when all of a sudden, you hit a wall? I experienced this feeling of being stuck shortly after the Great Recession of 2008.  My business and life were both in the midst of an upheaval, and I began to ques...

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