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Find The “Cup Holders, ” Selling the Hidden Features
You probably know someone who has recently purchased a new vehicle.   It’s all about the touch screen features, navigation, blue tooth, wi-fi connections, adjustable cup holders and maybe the average miles per gallon. No one has to tell you it...
How to Think Different- recap from AIM keynote speaker
A super-fantabulous 7 minute recap of the Futurist key-note speaker from AIM 2017.  Rohit Bhargara, trend creator extraordinaire gave us not only a glimpse into future trends, but showed us how to curate them.  Well-known for maxims such as...
Incredible 3D Scanner for a Tablet - How do you think this could be leveraged in multifamily?
My absolute favorite show is This Old House, and this weekend they featured a 3D scanner tool for mapping interior spaces that attaches to mobile tablets!  Take a look at the clip below, and I would love to hear your all's thoughts of using this...
5 Techniques for Negative Reviews: Bring It!
In the past, the world of online reviews was like the Wild West.  It was a no holds barred, every man for himself kind of environment – truly survival of the fittest.  It wasn’t surprising to see responses just as shocking as the reviews th...
Nadeen's Farewell Post
REFLECTIONS ON FAIRNESS 28 YEARS IN FAIR HOUSING Alexander Britton "Brit" Hume, an American television journalist and political commentator, has said that “Fairness is not an attitude.  It’s a professional skill that must be developed and exer...

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