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There’s only one thing worse than getting berated by a resident on site – getting berated on a review site.  When words are put on paper, they’re much more powerful than when they’re said to us in the heat of the moment. That’s because we can s...
I’m often asked for tips and tricks on how to improve a community’s online reputation.  Over the last year or so these requests have become more frequent, as companies are realizing a positive online presence can directly impact leasing and rene...
What are you binging these days on Netflix? I ask because I totally know you're watching something. The streaming service currently has 118 million subscribers globally. Odds are, you're one of them. Oh, also, I'm always on the lookout for...
The 5 Levels of Maturity for Capturing Leads on Facebook Messenger (The Evolution of Joe.)   Meet Joe. Joe, like you, has big plans for the upcoming year. You want to start capturing leads from Facebook and Joe wants to get buff. Strange as it s...
If you're anything like me, then this is the time of year when your nightstand groans with books that friends and family kindly sent you over the holidays. You feel grateful and daunted at the workload entailed in reading those books in equal measur...

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