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To build productive and thriving onsite teams – that's the goal of leaders everywhere.  But the creation of high-performing employees involves more than simply training them for their specific jobs. Companies have to truly care about their emplo...
theRRD's Joe Killinger sits down with Sturai Yusufi of Commercial Brokers International to talk about women in commercial real estate. Sturai shares her experiences, how she broke into the field, and advice for those looking to break the cre glass c...
This year's Boston Marathon was no joke. It was cold. It was rainy. It was windy. It was in Boston! ("Boo Boston! Hiss!" said the Yankee fans.) Professional runners dropped out of the prestigious race because of hypothermia symptoms. ...
  We are all chasing the elusive magic ticket that brings prospective residents to the apartment community.  We invest our marketing budgets in AdWords.  The staff is scheduled to update Craigs List.  With every visit, the guest ...
There seems to be some confusion in our industry as to the difference between a service dog versus an emotional support animal and the documentation needed. The Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) defines service dogs as any guide dog, signal dog...

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