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Has your social media strategy been based on thinking that posting on Facebook would get your community seen more in News Feeds of potential renters? Well, that strategy has been well on the decline since Facebook started favoring paid ads over orga...
Some of the most dreaded words from a prospect in a leasing conversation are, “I’m not planning to move right away, maybe in a month or two, or six months…” We want to create urgency.  Our apartments are vacant now!  We need move ins now...
We often pride ourselves on how much blood, sweat, and tears we put into our jobs, doing our very best to create the best environment for our residents and prospects moving in.  And usually, more often than not, things flow smoothly without a hi...
To be effective in any workplace, you need to prioritize your goals to get the most important things done immediately, but also be able to have sufficient time to accomplish every aspect of your job.  Once you get good at identifying where each ...
Common holiday traditions involve spending time with family and friends, exchanging gifts and feasting on lavish meals. Yet, this is not a realistic scene for a staggering portion of the American population. Overall, 3.5 million Americans experience ...

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    • Leasing Consultant's Avatar
    • How Is Your Bonuses Structured?
    • We get $175 - $1000 depending on the unit, $1000 being the penthouses. And $500 for every renewal.
    • Last post by Leasing Consultant
    • Nick Olson's Avatar
    • Problems with Compliance Depot
    • Both Notivus and Compliance Depot are a nightmare for vendors. We would rather deal with the DMV and the IRS combined than deal with Real Page's red...
    • Last post by Nick Olson

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