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  There will be times when the office is devoid of laughter. Those times when we’ve got to get down to business, have tough conversations, and reflect on the task at hand. In times like those, “the words we use during them, can define a sit...
I recently posed a question to a group of developers...What if you started looking at your communities from the standpoint of children being the residents, instead of the adults? Now obviously, I'm not talking about a community where every unit ...
What qualifies as a senior living community? An increasing number of housing developments appear to be marketing themselves as "Active Adult" or "Empty Nester" communities.  How can that be?  "Adult Only" housing was outlawed in 1988 when P...
Have you ever been called something offensive on a ratings and reviews site? I have! The one that stands out the most to me is the time when a resident's complaint was triggered because I said he needed to pay his rent by the deadline or I would init...
I have found that many are not aware of the 7 year rule when running a background check so I wanted to be sure you are all fully informed. The 7-year rule states that all civil suits/ judgments, non-conviction arrest records, and paid tax liens can’t...

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