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Adapting for Consumer Interest: Mobile Access Control
Smartphones are no longer a luxury; they’re today’s primary communication tool. A 2017 Pew Research Center survey found 77 percent of Americans own a smartphone. And we use them for much more than calls and texts – they’re all-purpose porta...
Pros and Cons of Developing a Website In-House vs. Hiring an Outside Ad Agency
In our internet-driven society, having a website is now not only strongly advised, but a necessity for property management firms. A company’s website needs to have visual appeal, be easy for visitors to navigate, be optimized for search engines, and ...
What Can You Do When the Customer is NOT Right, But Thinks S/he Is??
As you know by now, I travel a lot for a living-which means that I spend a lot of time in airports-which means that I am around a lot of people who have a REALLY difficult time following directions, and yes, a lot of customers who are very, very wron...
How to RUB your Residents
You’re out at a restaurant having dinner with several of your friends. The drinks are flowing, the conversation is engaging, and the food couldn’t be better. It’s a great time until the bill comes. The mood quickly changes as everyone tries to fig...
This Mixed Use Development Used Emoticons Embedded Into The Facade. Thoughts?
Instead of giving you my thoughts about this, I'd like to hear from you all.  What do you think about this mixed used development that used emoticons in the design?  Don't be shy - share your opinion below. Source and more information.

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