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Many landlords and other property owners try all sorts of methods to increase the value of their property. It’s always advisable to do so as you can receive some excellent returns for minimal effort. The same goes for the space in your pro...
When the market softens and vacancies begin to rise, apartment operators traditionally turn to lease concessions. Whether they take the form of discounted rent or gifts such as a free iPad or a free television, the goal of concessions is the same: bo...
  Sometimes new technologies and strategies change the way that we do business. More frequently, though, things that have worked in one industry find their way into other sectors, leading to fresh innovation. In multifamily, it is often the hot...
"Build it and they will come" isn't the makings of a great lease-up marketing strategy. In today's modern multifamily landscape, you need to have an online presence. Established communities benefit from better search rankings, reviews, real imagery&...
When I started in the multifamily industry nearly twenty years ago as a leasing consultant, I wanted more. Don’t get me wrong, I was excited about the opportunity before me and knew I had a lot to learn. But I was also hungry to get to the next level...

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