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Vendors: Get on My Good Side and Win My Business
Property management professionals have to maintain successful relationships with a variety of people: fiduciary relationships with owners, tenant relations, and vendor relations. Relationships with vendors are arguably as important as having a good r...
3 Energy Efficient Roofing Solutions For Your Multifamily Property
Multifamily occupants nowadays are becoming more concerned about cutting down their house energy footprint and save on electricity bills and therefore look for energy-efficient units for rent. In an effort to attract as many prospective tenants as po...
What to Do When Multifamily Employees Date
There are tons of ways to meet someone. On dating apps, through friends, “other.” According to a survey on, the third-most popular place people meet is at work. (And shockingly not by meeting at a party and having a misunderstanding and ...
Live Video: If you aren't leveraging it, you should be (no experience required)
Last week, I had the privilege of attending the 2017 Multifamily Social Media Summit in Napa, California. It was three full days of nothing but “social” and this social butterfly came back armed with SO many new strategies and solutions (which I’ll t...
NMHC and Lessons in Leadership
Anyone who knows me knows that I am fairly passionate about the topic of leadership. To put a finer point on it, I'm passionate about GREAT leadership; the type of leadership that inspires both internally and externally, and makes people, companies a...

Multifamily Discussions

    • Dena Lopez's Avatar
    • Tenant Transfers
    • Every management company handles on-site or interportfolio transfers differently. I am accustomed to a $250 transfer fee, new deposit and new fees for...
    • Last post by Dena Lopez
    • Dena Lopez's Avatar
    • How To Avoid Hiring Smokers
    • I can understand not wanting to hire a smoker for a variety of reasons, however I think that rather than being exclusionary, enforcing existing...
    • Last post by Dena Lopez
    • Anonymous's Avatar
    • Help I need a lease up flyer
    • I don't have any flyers available -- but I would absolutely recommend for creating professional looking flyers really easily. We use them...
    • Last post by Anonymous
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    • Leasing Commissions
    • Hi, At the property I manage, I was told by staff that the person who has "first contact" with the future tenant will get the bonus. However, I see...
    • Last post by Anonymous

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