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I ran across a video from Mike Brewer who shared advice that he gives to all those who ask how to grow their career in the multifamily industry.  How can they improve their career path?  Take a moment to listen to Mike's great advice: ...
Budget season is among everyone’s favorite. It’s right up there with tax day, cleaning out the garage and having toenails pulled.  Much thought goes into creating a budget – not to mention a lot of back-and-forth from everyone who is a part of t...
Work-life balance in the digital era can be extremely difficult to achieve. With smart phones and constant access to email, it can be a real struggle for team members to unplug from work mode, so it's critical in this day and age for companies to fos...
In the words of one-hit wonder 10cc, “Communication is the problem to the answer.” We’ve gone from dispatching handwritten letters to typing emails; from exchanging text messages to publicly posting tiny, 10-second videos of ourselves wearing digita...

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