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  Let's face it: security deposits are a big headache for both apartment residents and operators alike.For applicants – especially in this day of growing rents and stagnant incomes – it's often not possible to pull together the funds necessary t...
Prospect Follow-up for Multifamily surveyed 50+ properties in Spring 2018 to evaluate the state of Multifamily automation for new prospect follow-up. According to our survey, 90.6% of the big REITs send nurturing prospect follow-up...
I’m an avid reader of The Economist, and I recently read an interesting article on how marketers are trying to address the Millennial generation. As readers of past blogs may recall, I’m a confirmed cynic that the generation represents a f...
  7 Essential Text Messaging Stats Every Property Manager Should Know SMS marketing is quickly becoming a necessary part of business for every vertical - including property management. In recent years, text messaging has proven itself to be a ...
Maintaining your building can be difficult to say the least, here are 7 common items that are usually overlooked but can usually, be fixed in minutes. These tips may seem easy but they get overlooked often. 1) Missing & Broken Smoke Alarms and Ca...

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