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They say that more millionaires made their money through real estate then through any other means. There are of course many avenues for investing in real estate, but I’ve always preferred rental properties for various reasons: Real estate investing...
The next critical coaching skill is teaching. Truth be told, this isn’t something that comes naturally for everyone, but it’s necessary. If you find yourself in a teaching position and don’t feel comfortable doing so, get some training of your own. Y...
In our first article of this series, Google Will Eat ILSes' Lunch!, we introduced the idea that Google is starting to organize Multifamily's data, and talked about how this will impact ILSes. But, how does Google organize industry data? And, how does...
Google is Starting to Organize Multifamily Data. That Should Scare the ILSes. Google’s vision is to: “Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” As Google absorbs and organizes information in different industries...
  Everyone loves an open house. Realtors have portfolios with hundreds of homes for sale. A simple phone call can arrange an appointment for a home tour. Placing a sign in the front yard announcing OPEN HOUSE TODAY, creates interest. The result...

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