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The best word to describe the renter journey is “complicated.” There are multiple points along the path to lease, and recent marketing data tells us that the experience should no longer be considered linear. Instead, it’s a multi-stage journey in whi...
For those of you who have worked in the multifamily industry you understand the challenges of trying to accommodate resident and guest vehicle parking in highly populated areas or developments that have insufficient parking space ratios in relation t...
  What is Lifecycle Programming? Lifecycle Programming is a way to automate customer lifecycle marketing for Multifamily.It combines customer lifecycle marketing efforts from employees and the digital workforce to build stronger custome...
Technology changes faster than real estate. An apartment built 10 years ago is considered new, but a 10-year old blackberry is practically a fossil. "Smart home" technology is growing rapidly, and most surveys show high demand from tenants. ...
During last week’s customer service webinar with Jackie Ramstedt, she suggested the idea of rewarding the team for a “Perfect Move-in”.  First of all, without going a step further, I have to say I LOVE that idea!  I’m sure you have heard co...

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