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Our industry is always trying to understand what the optimal staffing is for an apartment community, so we are helping to define what roles our employees play.

Are you making as much as others in the same position? We are updating our most popular survey of 2018 to assess increases and decreases in salaries in the property management industry so you can see how your salary compares!

This form helps guide a coaching session with an employee.

We examine on-site staffing trends in the multifamily industry for apartment communities.

This report researches salary levels within the multifamily industry, including: Property Manager Salaries Assistant Property Manager Salaries Leasing Consultant Salaries Maintenance Salaries Regional Property Management Salaries Executive Salaries

Analyzing salaries throughout the multifamily industry.

Report of salaries for property management companies in the multifamily industry. Data collected 11/2014 and compiled 2015.

This survey reviews hiring practices, specifically on finding qualified candidates. See how other companies find great employees.

Report of salaries for property management companies in the multifamily industry. Data collected 11/2013 and compiled 2014.

We must be mad to be in property management— or perhaps property management has just driven us mad. The truth is that often we need a reality check or someone, anyone, to tell us that we are doing the right thing because doubt begins to cloud our perspective. One thing to consider in the scheme of property management, and life, is that the most expensive item when measured in our busy world today is time. It’s priceless, yet we all need to set aside time to recharge our batteries with a dash of reflection and a pinch of motivation. The ability to motivate others is a valuable skill. Understanding how to motivate others [helping them reach their goals and potential] is a talent that everyone needs. Often, we use the same methods over and over until the team’s eyes glaze over and they no longer hear our efforts to “pump them up” because they've heard the same variations too many times. To remedy this, you must first captivate, then stimulate, and then swoop in with motiva

This survey analyzes staffing levels for apartment communities, and was created by Multifamily Insiders Apartment Jobs Division: http://www.multifamilyinsiders.com/apartment-jobs

(Data acquired December 2013)

Employee Application Rejection Letter