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Discussion started by Brent Williams , on 2582 days ago
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Nancy Wittenberg
Please allow me to introduce myself. I am a partner of a 173-unit in Houston and a 70-unit multi-family assets in northern Texas. Although my niche market has thus far been Texas, my residence in Phoenix has afforded me some insights into this area as well. I am also adding to my current repertoire by working towards becoming a licensed Realtor for Arizona.

My goal is to close on one more complex before the end of 2010.

I am looking for someone who has similar goals and would like to JV together to bring this to fruition. I bring to the table a desire to ethically do whatever is necessary to be successful, strong communication and organizational skills, and experience closing on three deals in Texas.

If you, or someone you know, is looking for a synergistic partnership please email me at or call me at 480-283-4725.

Warm regards,

Nancy Wittenberg
2533 days ago
Shawn Mazon
Yay! An Arizona Group! Hola! I live in Tucson and work for MEB Management Services as their Marketing Specialist for their Tucson Portfolio. MEB also maintains a corporate office in Phoenix, AZ. We have communities in Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, Sierra Vista, Texas and New Jersey. I am a proud mom of 3 wonderful children. Two adult sons and my crazy mini-me daughter who is in 2nd grade. She is the youngest market specialist I know so far! Totally promotes MEB like her Momma. I look forward to sharing our challenges, achievements and ideas with others. Be sure to check out my other group "Outreach Marketing Gurus". I just started the group and hope it grows!
2554 days ago
Denny Humphrey
Hello, everyone! I am fairly new to MFI, but I am really enjoying all of the information that is offered! I heard about MFI after I attended Brainstorming 2010. (You MUST go to Brainstorming if you've never experienced it before!) I have only two years of experiences in the industry and I am currently working on my degree in marketing. I work for Nolan Real Estate Services and support three communities here in Tempe, AZ. Nolan is based in Leawood, KS and has a strong presence in Texas. I was excited to see a group for Arizona and I look forward to meeting other great people who are as passionate about the multifamily industry as I am!
2555 days ago