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AANM is already an active venue on Foursquare.  But we are unable to add specials.  Several email requests have been sent to the "contact us" emails requesting that we be allowed to add specials.  (1) Any suggestions from the other Association groups would be appreciated and (2) I'm wondering if our apartment communities are able to post specials?

Discussion started by Kelle Senye , on 2627 days ago
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Sam Gainous
Happy to see you guys are on Foursquare! I see that you posted this back in November so I hope your situation has been resolved by now. I too have been unable to get a real response from Foursquare on questions I submitted on behalf of my company. I did get an automate response from Foursquare 7 months after I submitted 1 of my questions. I have noticed in some of the latest chatter about Foursquare that they recently added more people to their response team so I suggest submitting your question a 2nd time, even thought they ask you not to. :)
2469 days ago