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Take Your Message to the Media

Take your message to the media - Local newspapers and television are always looking for stories and topics of interest. Learn to write a press release or call your local media outlet about a special aspect of your business. The Varsity restaurant in Atlanta featured an employee who had worked there for 50 years. This resulted in a two-page spread about the employee and the restaurant. Share any of your successes with us.

Discussion started by Terri Euchner , on 2400 days ago
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Amy Smith
We've been writing press releases about 4 times a year for 3 years now. Once you have thte template, it's easy! The key is really t do the work for the staff. Media outlets, like everyone else, have scaled down their staffs. There's a lot of news (or so-called news) out there. The easier it is for the staff to report your event/news/announcement, the more likely you are to get published. Get to know your City Desk editor too! Make them your best friend!
2396 days ago
Brent Williams
You are so right, Terri! Think about how many stories they have to produce every day - that's why they have so many "fluff" pieces. So many opportunities with this.
2400 days ago