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Open Your Mind

Open your mind...Look for lessons in other fields.  Warren Buffet knew early on that he wanted to be a great investor.  He was a baseball fan, so he studied Ted Williams, the great hitter.  Williams systematically divided home plate into 40 blocks.  He only swung at the middle spaces, where he had the greatest chance for success.  Buffet decided to do the same - to only consider investments in the middle.  He doesn't invest in technology he doesn't understand.

Where have you looked for lessons in other fields?

Discussion started by Terri Euchner , on 2386 days ago
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Amy Smith
I have looked at some great Restaurant Facebook pages for how to really engage people in "showing up". Also, many hotels have great marketing materials for thier size cards showing local walking trails, great descriptions of concierge services, not to mention great nomenclature for everyday spaces (e.g. Link being the Internet Cafe at Sheratons, some of the W Hotel branding, etc.).
2367 days ago
Brent Williams
I love this, and I've found that the most successful people in multifamily follow this concept. Personally, I love to look at actual gyms for inspiration on how they run their operations. It's a different industry, but the same, since many of our communities have their own gym. I also look at any company that has recurring contracts, like cell phone companies!
2386 days ago