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It’s all about the Memories…

I taught a class yesterday on “How to be a Specialized Leasing Professional.”  One of the key topics was about making memories with your customer.  I believe that it is difficult to be successful in making that emotional engagement with the customer unless we have a defining moment with them.  When you hang up the phone or finish the demonstration, what memory did you leave? 

One way to be successful with the above is to be naturally curious. Being naturally curious helps to open people up and shows you really want to know about them.  What questions do you ask when your customers?  How do you get them to open up and give you information to help you, help them?

Share with us your stories of creating memories with the customer. 

Discussion started by Terri Euchner , on 2382 days ago
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Terri Euchner
Brent, let's face it...we all lile to talk about ourselves! That is why I lile to call it the "Movie of the week" questions because most people love the opportunity to "tell their story" to someone.

Robert, everyone also wants to be treated like a VIP! I know I do!
2378 days ago
Robert Laing
I agree so... much with this statement!!! How to connect and create a memorable experience with your prospect. If you actually really care and are passionate about what you do it makes it so much more easier to do. I can not tell you how many times people I have rented to become friends or are so happy with the experience they offer to take me out to dinner etc. Treat you prospects like VIP guest in your home! Treat them how you want to be treated. I love connecting with people especially the challenging ones and watch and/or listen to them open up and by the end of the conversation they are smiling and laughing...that feel good moment that people remember! Of course as Terri said you have to know how to communicate with your prospects knowing what questions to ask, how to ask then question and when...
2379 days ago
Brent Williams
I agree with you sooooo much about being naturally curious! Even beyond sales, it amazes me when I have a conversation with someone and realize they asked me absolutely zero questions about myself. Not to say that I have to talk about myself, but rather it just gives an indication of how much you actually care about that person.
2379 days ago