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The Loyalty Factor

In my communications committee meeting at the AMA this week, we were discussing content for our newspaper.  We were looking for hot topics, trends, etc.  One of the members brought up the "loyalty factor" within our industry.  It seems that turnover has been very high in recent months.  Is it because people are leaving companies for growth potential, more money or just a lack of feeling appreciated?  Are the management companies taking advantage of all of the out of work talent today and "upgrading" their teams or do we really have industry issues with the loyalty factor?  What are you doing as a company to help team members feel appreciated, giving positive reinforcement and creativing unity and loyalty?

Discussion started by Terri Euchner , on 2348 days ago
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Amy Smith
Oh so much! It really bothered me during the Leadership day of my CAPS class when the instructor was sharing about Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs and stated that companies really don't have an impact on the basic needs (physiological and safety), but that we should focus as leaders on the higher needs (love, esteem and self-actualization). However, she then stated that the higher needs cannot be met without first meeting the basic needs. How then can a company ignore the basics? Only higher people who feel safe and secure? What happens if you hire that way and a team member has a personal crisis that undermines that? company executives and management, we have to stay connected with our teams as the basest of levels. We implemented a "benevolence fund" for the purpose of helping our associates when they are in need. It's definitely a core value!
2324 days ago