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Understanding the Vision...

Colin Powell once said "We had to make sure that we took the new mission and drove it down to the last private in the ranks.  Whoever came in and emptied the trash can at night had to understand the vision."

I feel this statement is true with any company vision/mission, not just the military.  It is the foundation of every company to have a vision, but if no one knows or understands this vision but the hierarchy, it will never come to fruition.

How do you brand your company vision/mission internally?

Discussion started by Terri Euchner , on 2343 days ago
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Amy Smith
Such a great reminder! It's been a while since we've reviewed our vision and mission with our team. We work hard to create a close knit culture and have succeeded on a lot of levels there, but now we need to all head in the same direction!
2324 days ago
Brent Williams
What a great quote! How many times does upper management create the vision/mission while the front lines don't care/don't know what it is. Even beyond that, I think that residents should know your vision/mission, as well!
2338 days ago