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Be An Innovator!

If you claim to be an innovator, then, by definition, you are a risk taker. Innovation means you go first. Innovation means that you will try ideas before you know that they're going to work. That's the very nature of innovation. If you wait until success is certain, then you're too late.

Mark Twain once said, "I knew a man who picked a cat up by the tail. He learned 40 percent more about cats than the man who didn't." Sometimes we have to pick the cat up by the tail. You may get scratched up, but you'll gain information that will set you on the right path to success.

What do you do to feed your innovative nature?


Discussion started by Terri Euchner , on 2298 days ago
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Brent Williams
We are cut from the same cloth, Terri! I am amazed at how many people/companies are so afraid of failure, that they don't realize that failure is a necessary ingredient for future success.
2298 days ago