Remote viewing - Video Surveillance

Remote access to Video Surveillance systems is a standard function.   Recent developments allow "Live" viewing through iPhones, iPads, smartphones, etc...  and YES MAC/Apple is still lacking the compatibility.

Now the fun part, not all DVRs are the same.  Remote access is the one proprietary function many refuse to share.  Either they use "client" apps or require you to open a New browser for each system.   This can be a nuisance.

Standardizing on the brand of DVRs is the first step.  Second, in most cases this brand has a Central Management Software package that can be loaded on any dedicated PC.   You would then identify each DVRs IP address and use (1) utility to view the numerous systems.  And when required, create the necessary disc's of content without every having to get in your car, drive over their and perform the same task.   Time is money.

On the subject of IP Addresses, there is two types:

  • Static - a dedicated address your provider can assign (additional cost per month, varies $5 - $20)
  • Dynamic - an open address that changes on a daily basis w/no notice.

you can see here why we recommend to our clients "Static".   We take advantage of this by being pro-active with the system.  We will periodically access the system to ensure it's running | recording, cameras are functioning (day & Night) and the focus or target is in clear view.

Analog vs IP Digital Megapixel (or even HD) is another discussion....

Discussion started by John Feeney , on 2055 days ago
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