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Multifamily Properties

Hello and great to join your group

We have a direct buyer looking for  good off-market multifamily properties

Multifamily value add – could be 70’s, 80,s, 90’s product with the ability to increase revenue.  There’s no minimum cap per se. It has to be cash flowing currently with the ability for us to add value. The price we would be willing to pay wouldn’t only reflect the current cash flow; it would reflect what we believe we can get the NOI up to and how much we would have to spend to get to that. “


In these areas:

Austin, Texas

Dallas, Texas

Tampa, Florida

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Miami, Florida

Naples, Florida

Cape Coral, Florida

Salt Lake City, Utah

Ogden, Utah

Raleigh, NC

Should you have any off-market multi families in  the FL areas please contact



Discussion started by Kevin Daniel , on 978 days ago
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Michael Elmore
We recently sold our portfolio of 1500 units and are seeking to redeploy the funds !! Seeking MF income and/or development deals, mixed use development deals, vacant land up to 1,000 acres. send to melmore@theklotzcompanies.com ... NO daisy chains please !!! I can work out a referral fee if you refer me to a broker, but do NOT pretend to represent something you do not ... just saying !!
286 days ago
Logan Hand
Hello. I currently have an off market 50 unit with value add play. Its located in Florida. Not in one of those cities, but still a good market.
If your interested please email me.
567 days ago
Michael Ringwood ll
Hi Kevin please email me at jcipllcmr2@gmail.com
686 days ago