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Outreach Marketing Gurus
Thursday, 30 September 2010
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Outreach Marketing Gurus

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Stop on by, grab a cup of java and stay a while! I wanted to start a group designed specifically for innovated ideas we can use for outreach marketing in this tough market. Face to face contact and social media seem to be the route on getting your property out on the front lines. Join me, email me or post!!!! Together we can create a brainstorming fire!!!!
  • Shawm, I definitely want to follow your posts!
    groups.discussion.reply 1045 days ago
  • So excited to find this group!
    groups.wall 1045 days ago
  • I work as a Leasing/Marketing Consultant and I am very excited to join this group.
    groups.wall 1046 days ago
  • I agree networking is the way to go, talk about it with your people, friends, neighbors, people at school, church. And I find writing about it in one of my many blogs, points links back to things I want to promote, as well as using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to help me promote and reach out marketing. It also helps to write, write, and write a lot of content.
    groups.wall 2228 days ago
  • ooooh I'm pumped to join the brainstorming FIRE!!! Bring it ON!!! :)
    groups.wall 3015 days ago
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