Community Events for the holidays!

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Community Events for the holidays!
Monday, 08 November 2010
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Community Events for the holidays!

Community Events for the holidays! - Description

This is a forum where you can share your event ideas surrounding the holidays. Note that this is more than just Christmas. It's all encompassing! How can you get your residents more involved at these times throughout the year. Come and join us for conversation, tips, and great ideas!
  • I have a very low low budget for anything, but I love to do activities with my I've had to be creative in how, what and where...I have no community room, but we've gotten very good at turning the laundry room into a festive place when need be...

    I have a family property, with a sprinkle of elderly, so I try to come up with activities that will work for every age...the most successful activities that we have done are:

    Resident Appreciation Breakfast (yes we cooked & served their meals in the laundry room and they had room to set at a table and eat if they wanted to)

    4th of July cookout...we had bingo, sprinklers, water slides, horse shoes and other fun games

    Secret Snowman Bingo...where everyone won a prize...

    And the one that was the most fun (or should I say the one the staff had the most laughs with) was the Watermelon Seed Spitting contest...there residents really got into this one and had a blast

    We also have craft night for the children and I'm hoping to start doing a craft night for the adults soon...

    Great idea for a group...I can't wait to see what other ideas pop up...
    groups.wall 3044 days ago
    Michael Gokey Seasonal is the key, and Easter egg hunt is a fun one, that comes out about $4 per person that you want to engage.
    Sparklers, and watermelon; hot dogs & chips, sodas in the summer are good ways to connect with your residents and help each other feel like a community. And other could be sidewalk chalk, like buy a couple of buckets of sidewalk chalk, but bring out mostly the green for St. Patty's day. Take pictures of the people and their creations, and print them on the color inkjet in the office and post on the bulletin board in the office.2222 days ago
  • I have found that the most successful event at our community are: Fall Costume party, Pictures with Santa, Spring Egg Hunt, Resident Appreciation Week Pizza Party Night, and Adults Night Out. The costume party, egg hunt and pictures with Santa appeal to families but the Resident appreciation party and Adult night out appeals to our professional, single residents so we have fun every month!
    groups.wall 3050 days ago
    Michael Gokey I like it... the best place I every worked for, we had something small, and fun going on every month. It wasn't fancy and first class, but rather homey and family feel. Like what regular people would do if they were part of a neighborhood family.2222 days ago
  • Don't forget to tweet your ideas too! Use #mfholidayideas and spread the word!
    groups.wall 3052 days ago
Monday, 08 November 2010 by Bill Szczytko

Let's talk about some holiday events that you've done, or ideas you've gathered.  Read my new blog post and let's talk about it.  I am dying to hear everyone's thoughts and opinions.

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