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Social Media Applications
Monday, 08 November 2010
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Social Media Applications

Social Media Applications - Description

This is a forum for the apartment professional to share insight and feedback on social media applications that are available to better market/lease.
  • I am not good with marketing but have quickly realized Social Media is a requirement. Looking for any tidbits on how to excel on the various social media applications and look forward to the content in this group.
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    Jon Yonce Hi there Wanda and welcome! I'd first want to determine your goal is in marketing through social media. In working with small to mid-size properties, I like to start with impressing the distinction between interest-based and intent-based searching.

    Interest-based searching is what social media is strongest at. You get on facebook, instagram and twitter to connect with friends, keep up with news or find new recipes. Rarely is it your first stop to plug in "great apartments in Richmond, VA."

    That's where Intent-based searching (i.e., Google) shines! You really only go to Google to find something out - like what comes up after searching "affordable apartments for rent near me."

    So as a *paid* marketing channel, we strongly urge clients to start with Google AdWords before running Facebook ads. AdWords is wonderful for allowing properties to really target ads to just those searching in a selected geography and getting all your great property details in front of warm leads exactly where they're most likely to search.

    That said, social media management with the goal of increasing engagement, demonstrating community features/events, etc. is still well worth the effort and necessary, I'd say. The leads are very likely going to be checking out your community's Facebook page, seeing what the candid pictures look like, getting a feel for how involved the staff is and more.

    Now it is true that social media platforms have gotten into the intent-based searching realm (like Facebook's recommendation posts), but is still an exception to the rule.

    Hope this helps! Please ask me any questions about this as I'm happy to chat about it (obviously with this much rambling, right?)

    Of course, if instead of marketing/paid advertising, you are looking for tidbits like social media calendars, content curation vs. content creation, easy tools to use to streamline time investment and more - then I'll just write up another response! ;)403 days ago
  • I'd be happy to share specifics about my own use of social media for marketing apartments. Feel free to message me!
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  • I can offer some assistance in the area of using content you already have in your office or in your computer to help bring your community into a better light. Both online and in the publics perception.

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Alisha, My company uses many social media applications. Facebook is a MUST to use with your community. It doesn't matter what type of demographic you have, most everyone is connected to Facebook in some way or another. I have really focused on getting as many residents following us on Facebook as possible. I feel that we have been very successful because I have already seen an increase in resident interactions on our page. I do contests, promotions, and giveaways through Facebook. There are so many things that you can do, it's just amazing! As far as Twitter, I use that to promote our ads. My property is in a big city near a college campus so I've made every effort to seek out "Tweeples" that live in or around our property. I also look for people that use certain hash tags so that when I send out Tweets I can target certain audiences. (For example, we are in Tempe, AZ and our property is near Arizona State University. I look for people that Tweet information with the hash tag of #Tempe or #ASU and I follow the. Of course, I message them and ask kindly for a follow back!) When I post external ads, I push them to Twitter and know, or hope, that my ads are being viewed by locals and possibly shared. Between Facebook and Twitter, there are so many great things you can do. We also use Foursquare, Yelp!, and Facebook Places/Deals. If you would like, I am more than happy to Skype with you and go over what we do in detail. I'm happy to provide anything to help! You can find me under on Skype. Hope to talk with you soon! Denny Humphrey