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Colorado Apartment Professionals
Wednesday, 08 September 2010
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Colorado Apartment Professionals

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Connect with other multifamily professionals in Colorado! If you want this state to grow and have a vibrant community, please share the group using the invite and share tools on the right side! Would you like to help lead this group? Or know somebody who would be a great leader? Let us know!
  • Hey Everybody! My name is Travis. I have two four-plexes for sale in grand Junction colorado. we are either wholesaling them or needing capitol to buy and hold them. Grand Junction is a great market and is currently moving into their expansion cycle which makes this a great time to buy in grand junction! if anybody is interested or would like to put in capitol please call me a 720-612-1061
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  • 1. This complex overcoming a bad rap. This beautiful place has so much potential. It was known for not so good people, doing not so good things, and
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  • So nice to be amidst others with same focus, goals and community outlooks. I'm into Property Managing for a year now and boy have I had a crash course. Now onto the Licensing Topic... how do you know if you have to be licensed or not. The owner (whom lives in Florida) is saying we are exempt, when I believe we are not. OMG and the deadline is approaching.
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  • Team of Alaskan Success,Inc in the greater Arvada,Colorado area. we are proud to be here. and look forward to networking with you.
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  • We are proud to announce that Nationwide Eviction is now servicing the entire state of Colorado.
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    OK Bronco fans - it's time to get rid of Josh McDaniels. I found this website and there is a petition to have him fired! Join me and let's get this team moving in the right direction. Great example of people using the web to promote their anger. Today was a total embarrassment. I think all the players should pool their salary for this game as a donation to a local charity!
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  • Hello Colorado Friends! I am happy to join this group! Let me know if you want to start some discussions. Get your sweaters out and enjoy the cool fall days!

    Toni Blake
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1. This complex overcoming a bad rap. This beautiful place has so much potential. It was known for not so good people, doing not so good things, and lots of law involved. I've made enemies from slum tenants forcing me to make them leave. The town is starting to see all the fruits from my labor of love and are noticing a change. I am happy to report that it's taken me 8 mos to evict 28 units of our 30 unit complex to get in qualifying, paying tenants. 2. The owner micro-managing from Florida! He's had this place for 25yrs and seems to know NOTHING. I've studied, researched, read law, made him more money, got in quality tenants.I've turned this place over in less than 8mos. Let me do my job! Oh hi by the way.