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New Jersey Apartment Professionals
Wednesday, 08 September 2010
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New Jersey Apartment Professionals

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Connect with other multifamily professionals in New Jersey! If you want this state to grow and have a vibrant community, please share the group using the invite and share tools on the right side! Would you like to help lead this group? Or know somebody who would be a great leader? Let us know!
  • Hello, I'm looking fo a quality, affordable janitorial ocmpany to clean my 3 story 89 unit HUD subsidized, senior midrise building 3x a week. Also looking for affordable traingin my maintenance person
    groups.wall 487 days ago
  • Hello. My name is Myron Ash. I deal in commercial real estate. I cover ALL of New Jersey
    If you are not only looking for apartment complexes but other commercial property as well please contact me here, at this site, or at I also deal in commercial space as well as commercial leasing ANYWHERE in the state of New Jersey. I look forward to interacting with this group.
    groups.wall 2575 days ago
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