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North Carolina Apartment Professionals
Wednesday, 08 September 2010
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North Carolina Apartment Professionals

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Connect with other multifamily professionals in North Carolina! If you want this state to grow and have a vibrant community, please share the group using the invite and share tools on the right side! Would you like to take an active role in the group by helping plan events, increase membership, or other interesting programs?  Just message Gerry Hunt!

  • Hello my fellow Professionals. My name is Preston Charles and my mission and reason for coming to this site is to connect with as many property managers and developers as possible and introduce myself to each and every one of you, preferably in person but at the list over the phone or via some email exchange. My company is The Wash and professional pressure cleaning is what we do.
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  • Ed
    Does anyone have a lease addendum they have created for use of elevators in the community?
    groups.wall 336 days ago
  • I am a new vendor company in the Clt Metro area. What sets my company apart from all the others is apartment Flips is 3 companies in ! We work closely together as a team and handle the painting, carpet cleaning and flooring & also the cleaning of your apartments. Makes scheduling / billing so much easier when you only have to call 1 company. Please call for your free clubhouse clean. 704-840-9348
    groups.wall 493 days ago
  • Posted a new discussion, New to Charlotte, NC
    I previously worked in Property Management, but now I'm on the "Vendor side."  I was just relocated from Greensboro (where I lived my whole ...
    groups.discussion 962 days ago
  • Shout out to the North Carolina Apt PRO's!
    New to your market and the whole game for that matter. Looking to turn a poorly managed property around and remarket to get it back on track.
    groups.wall 1129 days ago
  • Does anyone have a "cleaners checklist" they would like to share? Thanks so much!!!
    groups.wall 1305 days ago
  • was wondering something if you work with people that lose their cool daily how do you cope
    groups.wall 1400 days ago
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Asheville! I know, I know it wasn't on your list!! But here's the thing, the market here did not suffer when all of e rest of the state and country were suffering. Maintaining 95% or better occupancy with waiting lists on 3 bedroom units was common! It is rare to see a concession. And rent is raised every year!!
Hi, I'm Steve Orrell and I work for 4Walls. We specialize in helping property managers/owners attract new residents and retain current ones by using the internet, social media, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media visibility and online reputation management to name just a few. It's amazing to me how many property managers/owners pay hard earned dollars for a web site that just takes up a domain address and does not do what it is intended for: to increase revenues by way of increasing residents and retain current ones by providing services to them. The great thing about 4Walls is that they do that all at a very competitive price which is seldom seen at the level of products/services we offer and with a level of integrity and dedication to clients that is rarely seen anywhere.