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Virginia Apartment Professionals
Wednesday, 08 September 2010
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Virginia Apartment Professionals

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Connect with other multifamily professionals in Virginia! If you want this state to grow and have a vibrant community, please share the group using the invite and share tools on the right side! Would you like to help lead this group? Or know somebody who would be a great leader? Let us know!
  • Hello! I am new to this profession and hoping to network and excel at this!
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  • Hi everyone,
    Recently returned to northern Virginia, and am hoping to network a bit and share ideas!
    groups.wall 364 days ago
  • Hello everyone, I am a multifamily investor and own a company called REI Women, LLC. We own property in several states and continue to look for new acquisitions, in the Mid-Atlantic and South. This year I am hoping to meet new people also in the multifamily industry to grow my my contact base and knowledge of the industry.
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  • Welcome, Shannon!
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  • Hello all, my name is Shannon and I am the Leasing Consultant for Wyndtree Townhomes in Battle Creek, MI. I am very excited that I found this website
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  • I am a manger of a small apartment community in Roanoke VA. I just found this site and already have benefited from the site. Thanks I will be lurking
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  •   Welcome to Signature Fitness Equipment, LLC.   I would like to take a moment to introduce our company and history.   We are a manufacturer of w ...
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  • I am new too. My business specializes in managing small to mid size apartment buildings under 100 units.
    I have the same clients for over twenty years. What are new marketing tools I can use to attract new owners.
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  • I am new to MF Insiders and looking forward to understanding more. My company is a leading provider of market feasibility and research services for the multifamily industry. In business for over 20 years we are nationwide with a work product portfolio of over 750 projects. I participate as a speaker at NAHB, NAA and others; and I guest instruct MF development and market feasibility for ULI's MF development series.
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Monday, 11 May 2015 by Brent Williams

Community Realty has two positions open for a lease-up in Reston, VA.  One is a Leasing Manager and the other is a Leasing Associate.  Lisa Trosien is one of the top speakers in the industry, and I just noticed she said, "It's an amazing building! I have had the pleasure of touring it and working there would be a wonderful opportunity!"


We would love to find some amazing pros for these positions!  Anyone have any suggestions?  Here are the two jobs:





I'm not local to your community, but I applaud your efforts. I only wish some of the property management companies in Charleston, would open up to the local businesses the way you have! There's even a local property management company that promotes how they support local businesses, yet I can't get them to give me the time of day. (luckily my phone has a clock on it) The only other things I can think of at the moment is maybe getting involved in your local chamber of commerce or maybe (alone or coordinating with other communities in your area & promoting a local vendor expo to encourage vendors to come by & introduce themselves). Maybe have a monthly meet & greet.