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Certified Apartment/Marketing Nerds
Thursday, 09 September 2010
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Certified Apartment/Marketing Nerds

Certified Apartment/Marketing Nerds - Description

This group is for individuals Certified by Mark Juleen (The Apartment/Marketing Nerd) as Apartment/Marketing Nerds. The group is open to all that would like to become a Certified Apartment/Marketing Nerd (details to come). The goal here is to share in some high level, extreme nerdiness, technology and marketing discussions. Sounds exciting doesn't it?!? You are so going to join, I can feel it.
  • Great group name! Nerds unite!
    groups.wall 1039 days ago
  • Hello Everyone,

    I'm new and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jason Doherty and I’m the new Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Priority Promotions. We are a holistic communications and brand integration company that aids businesses and organizations in strengthening, extending, and controlling their brands using print, apparel, promotions, mail, email, mobile, and web channel.
    groups.wall 1397 days ago
  • Maggie thank you for resurrecting a very interesting conversation. Has that been a consistent approach or have you had to adjust it over time based o
    groups.discussion.reply 1428 days ago
  • For the property I work at, we are 232 apartments and we spend approximately 7,752 a year in marketing. This includes our balloons, our resident event
    groups.discussion.reply 1434 days ago
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Maggie thank you for resurrecting a very interesting conversation. Has that been a consistent approach or have you had to adjust it over time based on changing trends or needs of your residents?
Hi Mark, Thanks for your response. Re: regional mgrs, not only do I not get that title, it dilutes their purpose and effectiveness. Are they overseeing operations, marketing, asset, etc? And if so, then do you eliminate regional asset managers, regional marketing directors, etc?
First, your point is great, but needs to be clarified. We have two types of property management companies: third-party mgt groups and owner-management groups. My answer reflects branding done by third party mgt groups. I thought I would throw in the curve ball as many companies are getting consolidated and ownership groups have specifics that may be counter to the retained PM company's marketing and branding philosophy. Many times, ownership groups, to the angst of the PM company DO NOT want to have their communities branded to the retained PM. Why? Because the owner of the building doesn't believe that the PM company that they've retained owns rights to their building. Yes, it sounds like an oxymoron, and it can be detrimental to the overall marketing, but the ownership group will just throw it back and say, "we've hired you to get this place's occupancy above the submarket's and at a price point that beats competitors, so figure out how you can do this without branding it to you". That is a legitimate point and the onus does fall on the property mgt company. This though is a moot point by the time the retainer is signed as the PM has the opportunity to make their claims on why a company would want to market via their brand (better identification in the market, sister community, etc), but the ownership group also takes the risk that mismanagement at other communities translates in lower occupancy and rental rates at their communities.
Has you thought to build true 3D interactive online apartment which can be used conjunction with model unit and minimize the model unit's limitation and increase the efficiency. The true 3D interactive online apartment which enable the viewer walk through the property just like they are visiting the site in person from their fingertip. It is much more than slideshow or simple 360 virtual tour
Good point. I guess it depends on the testimonials you use.