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Yardi Voyager vs Realpage 7 years 4 months ago #3826

I am currently reviewing on-site operations as performed through both Yardi Voyager as opposed to Realpages Leasing and Rents. Throughout my research it appears that Yardi is more Accounting Centric where as Realpage is more geared to being user friendly.

I have reached a point where it appears that several of the real page modules function within the Yardi Voyager program.

My question is, how much of the yardi system modules are repurposed or rebranded Real Page modules if any?

This question came up while reviewingrevenue optimization through yardi and Yeildstar with Real Page.

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Hey Jason,

I agree with your assessment between the two systems. I have experience using both Yardi Voyager and OneSite from Realpage, and I agree completely with your assessment of the difference between the two. I do not believe that any of Yardi's modules are repurposed or rebranded Realpage products. Hopefully someone who works or has worked for these companies will reply so that they can give you a more difinitive answer.

I currently use AMSI, and we interface with Realpage products for our procurement systems. We are also currently looking at Velocity which interfaces as well, so I would draw the conclusion that just because Realpage can interface with Yardi doesn't mean that Yardi systems are repurposed Real Page systems.

Unsure if you have looked at AMSI, but I am a big fan of theirs :cheer: For us they have the right mix of ease of use for the end user and accounting functionality.

We also looked at Yieldstar and Rainmaker, and even though both are revenue management systems the information they gather and how they process it are completely different.
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We currently use AMSI's eSite software and have found it lacking in key areas of support. Granted we are a generation or two behind, but we are moving from serving the software locally.

We have run into issues of outside vendors being able to work within the eSite software and are looking for a more complete solution. (I have lost count of how many systems I am required to log into on a daily basis)

Based on your experience, Did you find that Yardi ran in a more similar fashion to AMSI? This appears to be whzat I am seeing in the demonstrations.

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Just curious what issues you are experiencing with third parties. We currently interface with Property Solutions, NWP, SafeRent, Ops, and currently in process of Indatus.

I can definately relate to your comment on how many systems that are utilized, but I feel that there is a pro and con to this. The pro is that I can choose whichever vendor is the best suited to meet our needs instead of being forced into using their product. The con is that it is more systems to manage.

I know specifically with Yardi that if you want to interface with a different screening company they charge you per property to interface. Same as with any third party, they will charge you if you don't select theirs.

I found that the look and feel of Yardi is similar to AMSI, but the back end administrator functionality was very different. Everything is run off of account trees and were global in nature instead of entity specific. We are solely a fee management company and accomodate different owner's needs and having global instead of entity specific settings was a challenge. If you own and operate all of your properties in a similar fashion this may not be an issue for you.

Also setting up user permissions was extremely difficult in Yardi. In AMSI it is laid out the exact same way the program is. This is not the case in Yardi. You have to understand how their codes relate to the front end to determine what settings should be on and which should be off. It was very easy to leave something turned on for an on-site team member that you didn't want them to have access to. There also wasn't an automatic way for batches to post for the financial system so you would have to remember to post batches to see them on the accounting piece.

I have only worked on the front end of OneSite so I am unsure how their back end works. However, even though look and feel was much different it was easy to use.

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The YieldStar pricing interface within Yardi is a component written by YieldStar, which is why it looks similar to OneSite's YieldStar pricing.
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Re:Yardi Voyager vs Realpage 7 years 3 months ago #3867


We attempted to integrate the use of ON-Site screening and document generation. A number of difficulties resulted from this attempt, including errors in the database. Whether these issues were due to issues within eSite or within the On-Site programming is not comlpetely known. We have since ceased to attempt to integrate the systems.


Thank you for the clarification.

Re:Yardi Voyager vs Realpage 7 years 3 months ago #3868


Could you clarify...were you trying to integrate On-Site with Yardi or Realpage?

Re:Yardi Voyager vs Realpage 7 years 3 months ago #3869

Vickie DeSofi wrote:

Could you clarify...were you trying to integrate On-Site with Yardi or Realpage?

Oops...sorry, this question should have been for Jason.

Re:Yardi Voyager vs Realpage 7 years 3 months ago #3879

We were integrating On-Site with AMSI's eSite product.

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I have used maybe all the software aside from Boston Property Manager, which we are currently looking at for a client. however, while Yardi is not as user friendly as other programs, I would recommend it the most. The system really out preforms all other system in our industry, and is magnificent in the accounting world. As for the account tree, you can actually have different account trees per asset or client, as we do. Your IT department just need to set them up, and your accounting or onsite team will need to select the correct account tree for the asset.
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