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That sounds so awful. I hope you dont work there anymore lol
3 years 6 months ago #18880


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Is the $50 paid on your salary or is it separate and tax free
4 years 9 months ago #17769

Alicia Belcher

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I would suggest meeting with the agent and having the district manager on conference if you need to be sure there is another set of ears in the room. I would explain to them again the requirements for both a salary increase as well as a promotion and if they again 'demand' that their 'needs be met' I would say I'm sorry we can not do that and if they choose to leave, there are plenty of people willing and capable to take his/her position. I would highly doubt they would be hired at another company for more pay when the new position calls to inquire about an employment reference and you tell them they have not scored over an 80% on a market survey after 7 months.
4 years 11 months ago #17486


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I need some advice please.

I have a 200 unit 2 person office. Manager & leasing only.

I hired a leasing person completely new to the industry that started with me 7 months ago. The offer was $12.50 and $50 per lease and share in the renewal pool that averages 45-65 monthly. Also, they are eligible for a shop bonus monthly of $50 if they make a 80% or better. The work schedule is Tuesday - Saturday, all this was agreed upon during the hiring process.

This person does a good for someone who has never done this work before. However, this person has spoken to some other people in the industry and has decided that we are not paying them enough money hourly. They requested $2 - $3 dollar increase, a promotion to assistant manager and to change the work schedule to have some Saturdays off.
This person has also never score an 80% or above on a shopping report.

Our company only does annual reviews for pay increases, and requires that a person has at least 1 years experience to be eligible for a promotion to an assistant manager. Which by the way there are no openings at this time for that position.

I explained all this to this person and now they have become bitter and confrontational. When I asked if they were going to be ok and be able to continue to work professionally together the response I got back was " Only if my needs get met". They are now wanting to go over my head and speak to my direct supervisor. Whom by the way, I have consulted and they are in no way going to entertain such an request, they look at facts, and the fact they have never scored above 80% on shops says a lot.
I would appreciate any advice or direction you have to offer.
4 years 11 months ago #17444


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I would hate to work for you guys because that's not a mentality to have towards the people that's doing the leg work and making the property profitable.
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What city do you live in? That's great!

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