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I provide a great marketing dashboard that is not stagnant like a report someone just emails you. My client has 24/7 access to it and it's live. That is how you know what online campaign is working the best.

Let me know if I can help.
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Suzanne Thomson

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One of my favorite lease specials - for prospects is a "lease today" special - if the prospect places an application on the day of showing they get the full special (whatever it is) if they place their app with 48 hours they get half (whatever the special is), and within one week only one quarter. I'm a big believer in creating urgency for the consumer! I love sooo many of the above leasing incentives too!
10 months 2 days ago #46145

Susan Marie Anderson

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Add to your leasing toolbox and let prospects tour when it's convenient for them (8 am-8 pm is recommended). It pays for itself with less than one lease a month! #tour24
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Chris Finetto

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I’ve don’t it and it works well... If traffic is an issue, I paid leasing for apps, they could keep the app fee.
I’ve set weekly quotas. Once a
leasing person hits a reasonable leasing quota of leases, they could pack up go home for the rest of the week. Great for summer. Granted, it leaves the Manager and Assist. Manager to man the fort.
Shopping Spree - I’ve had the PM take a employee on a shopping spree. A few hundred bucks to be spent on the clothes. Or a spa day. Subliminal relationship building.
My suggestion is, don’t be cheap.
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Britni Michelle Ruiz

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Outreach marketing! Have fun with it. One time around Christmas I was tactfully dresses as an elf and delivered goodies along with our info If you have preferred employers hit them up with goodies and let them know they get a discount. Do you post on Google my business? That's a great resource. If you offer short term leases then give out where your nearest RASI (RASSI ?) office is and bring goodies and marketing material and let them know you offer short term leases.
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Alec Batchelder

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As a leasing agent who would get an incentive let's say, what would you do if it's been slow and dry? We post on on social media, craigslist etc. If no one is calling and no one walking in, what would you suggest to bring in more people? (I feel this would also help me learn more tactics to help get more prospects)

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