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TOPIC: OH MY! Heard of TruQuill?

OH MY! Heard of TruQuill? 5 years 3 months ago #10155

Heard of TruQuill? (www.TruQuill.com)
They contacted us asking if we would do a corporate lease with them. We explained our process, and searched them on the internet, only to find they are a way for renters who have left owing landlords to get an apartment at YOUR community! We had already processed the actual occupant's credit, finding she owed 4 landlords! How do you feel about this?
Here's info quoted from their website:
"Get Apartment Approval - Easily and Affordably. TruQuill Offers Apartment Approval to Tenants with Bad Credit. Our industry leading, innovative approach to Apartment Approval is unmatched. Sign up today for our quick and efficient Approval program! Contact us Monday-Friday 9am-6pm CST to discuss how your bad credit is no longer an issue for Apartment Approval."
On their Landlord tab, it says: "TruQuill For Landlords - Depend on us to help increase your occupancy rate!"
Seems squirrelly to me! (No offense to any squirrels intended!)
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OH MY! Heard of TruQuill? 5 years 3 months ago #10156

If their primary business is helping people with bad credit; you need to make sure they do not accept clients with criminal backgrounds and that they have surety bonds in place to cover you in the event they actually leave owing you money. I would have your attorney investigate the company and ensure they are acting in accordance with fair housing and are carrying enough in reserves to pay you for any potential damages.

I see this as nothing more than a formalized cosigner/guarantor agreement between all parties concerned and in the event you must file for eviction, they need to be a named party and you need to have all the information in your file on the household if you need to proceed. Your attorney should also have this information as well.
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OH MY! Heard of TruQuill? 5 years 1 month ago #10474

i gave them 60 to start up i havent gotten an apartment yet just started today. are they real would they really help me
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OH MY! Heard of TruQuill? 4 years 10 months ago #11377

Has TruQuill helped you get an apartment, I was contacted by the company today. Just curious.
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OH MY! Heard of TruQuill? 4 years 1 month ago #12795


........I Applied to work with Truquill, and it was a big waste of my time.
Truquill will have to submit it's credentials as well { its credit worthiness }
......after gettin our hopes up, we received notification that they didn't pass
Their credit and background check. Truquills response was "Oh well, then just
Keep looking for something else....we r not willing to try and work with that chosen
Property, But that if my husband and I wanted 2 pay half month rent up front
That was a choice we could make.

.............................VERY DISSATIFED CUSTOMER :angry:
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OH MY! Heard of TruQuill? 4 years 2 weeks ago #13013

Hello , yes Truquill did help me get an apartment.
Mary, not everyone has bad credit because they did something.
I was a victim of identity theft and others ruined my credit. I have clearance letters from the Chief of Police and the Mayor of Seattle.
Nothing helped when I needed to move to a new apartment.I was victimized once by the people who did this and then I am victimized over and over again by the landlords, banks and merchants. Truquill helped when others wouldn't.
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OH MY! Heard of TruQuill? 1 month 1 day ago #18610

Do not go for Anchor Your Assets either. They will rip you off
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OH MY! Heard of TruQuill? 5 days 20 hours ago #18679

Are there any company’s out there similar to Truquill that are good
  • Nakki Johnson
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