Topic: Best way to get out carpet dents?

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I ran across this blog recently that said you could put ice cubes in the dents and then simply pull up the carpet with a spoon:

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In the comments, someone else mentioned that would "delaminate" the carpet, and instead, wet a cloth and then iron it on the indention, which they said works great.

Have you all used these options to remove carpet dents, or do you have any other good techniques?
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Posted 10 years 5 months ago
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Yes, I have used these methods and I prefer the ice cubes. Instead of a spoon I use a rake or a comb. I do not allow the ice cubes to melt all the way though. I've taught the Maintenance Techs to use both, too. I will say that how successful you are can depend on how long the furniture sat there. It works best when it is a not from furniture that's been there for four or five years. :-)
Posted 10 years 5 months ago