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Recently, one of our communities received a review on Google that contains an obvious and blatant racial slur.
It makes me angry every time I think about it and I have had zero luck flagging it down. It's upsetting to the property staff. It's upsetting to upper management. And I can't even imagine what any prospects that see it must think.

Google will allow me to share to my G+ profile, but I can't seem to share a link to that exact review outside of there. I would love to be able to blast it onto Facebook and ask for help. I'd like to blast it here, or anywhere in the world I could, too.

I've opted to not respond. I think the author's ignorance speaks VOLUMES for itself. But at the same time, it bothers me to leave it sitting. Normally I am level headed and have an easy time responding - but this is different. This is hateful. And it makes me really mad.

Does anyone have any advice on how to best get it flagged down? Google's system just doesn't seem to be working.

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I'm not sure of another way to get the ugly review removed and I'm doubtful that it will be taken down unless it directly threatens an individual. The internet can be a very ugly place.

I mainly responded to urge you to not rule out responding to the reviewer. I can't say exactly how I would respond without understanding the full context and underlying variables; but after a cooling off period you might be able to determine and craft the perfect response for sending a message to the readers and more importantly, your team at the property. A lot of company's handle the "internet trolls" in this way and end up coming out on top. It could be a great opportunity for solidarity within your company and might prove to be a tool of unification within the organization. It could also send a powerful message about your company's values to other readers on the internet (not just the person who wrote it). Good luck!
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I think that you should consider the fact that the racial slur in the review could have an impact on you by the way of Fair Housing Laws. Perhaps responding by thanking them for taking the time to submit a review and that you and your company take all feedback seriously. I would also take that time to state that while the feedback in the review is helpful that you and your company abide by all federal, state, and local Fair Housing Laws. If you advertise with RentPath consult with your account representative. They are often helpful in responding to resident reviews, even if it isn't on one of their advertised sites. Good luck!
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Brandon & Amanda -
Thank you both for your advice.

I decided to bite the bullet and respond. A cooling off period helped.

This was my response - it feels generic, but appropriate.

Thank you for your opinion on the community. Please be advised that we conduct business in accordance with all applicable all Federal, State, and Local Fair Housing Laws and do enforce the policies at the community as set in the lease agreement. It's unfortunate that your experience seemed to be less than desirable. We wish you the best of luck in your future housing endeavors.

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That sounds like a good response. :)

I am sorry that someone felt that a public review was a place to voice a racial slur. That is incredibly unfortunate. What you have to remember is that a lot of people who view those reviews see it for what it really is and hold little to nothing against you or your company.

Best of luck to you!
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I agree with Amanda. People recognize those rants for what they are. I'm sorry to hear this affected everyone so greatly because no one deserves that, but the only one that's really put in a bad light is the reviewer, not the property. Remember that saying: "consider the source".
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Racist Google Review - 9 months 1 week ago #46552

This writer is absolutely correct. Google is SO liberal they allow racial and religious bias to remain on their review sites. Gives liberalism an awful fascist air about it.
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