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TOPIC: Active Adult Living 55+ pre leasing Ideas Needed =)

Active Adult Living 55+ pre leasing Ideas Needed =) 3 months 1 week ago #23919

Does anyone have any ideas or tips on outreach marketing for a brand new Active Adult Living Community 55+. I am pre-leasing in our leasing trailer currently but could really use some help brainstorming.
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Active Adult Living 55+ pre leasing Ideas Needed =) 3 months 5 days ago #24013

Don't have an answer for you, but to help brainstorm: What are the most common decision making moments for someone to want to sell their house and move into that type of community? Is it a function of their friends moving out of their neighborhood? Tired of mowing the lawn and other upkeep? Spouse pass away? I guess I would first identify why people are looking for that type of living option to begin with to create a marketing plan. That will help create a list of personas that you want to market to. For each persona, I would then create a list of messaging that will speak to their specific pain point. For exactly, for someone who is tired of the maintenance, they probably are tired of the cash outlay of maintaining the house, they are probably tired of the effort outlay, and they are also probably tired with trying to find reputable contractors. So in the end you might have multiple types of prospects with multiple potential pain points for each type. After that, I would try to find where each of those particular prospect groups live and play. Are they active on Facebook, do they watch Fox News, are they members of a Bunco group? Where exactly are their eyeballs?

I know that isn't specific exactly, but I hope it helps with the brainstorming process!

Active Adult Living 55+ pre leasing Ideas Needed =) 3 months 4 days ago #24015

Hi Brent,

There are so many variables to this. What type of 55+ community will you be marketing? Is it all inclusive, apt/food/cleaning/activities etc... If it is all inclusive then your typical prospective resident is 82 years old and still independent. In this case I would suggest knowing what is available and what needs to happen when a prospective 55+ is ready to sell their house. What can you do to make this as seamless as possible for them?

Downsizing is a huge thing for this prospective resident. Many give their children the pieces they want, but how can they get the best bang for their buck with everything else. Know all of the Estate Sale Reps in the area, because they usually get a better price then trying to sell by themselves, or give away the furniture they no longer have room for. What senior support agencies are in the area. I think selling this demographic is how can I make this easier for you to move, how can I make your quality of life better then it is right now? Ask the questions: what has brought you to this decision etc... Have all the resources available at your fingertips for you to make this as easy as possible for them.

I always try to put myself in a Prospective resident's shoes. If I were renting, what would be important to me. What will my new apartment community do for my future quality of life? What will they gain by becoming a part of your community? Marketing the it's your time to live now and show how you can give them their turn to live without having to adult everyday anymore, because they have done that already.
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Active Adult Living 55+ pre leasing Ideas Needed =) 3 months 2 days ago #24077

Friends, first and foremost; stop using the term 'active' Adult living. We fair housing trainers want to remind you that it sounds like 'inactive/disabled' adults are not welcome.
There is lots of discussion as to WHAT to call these communities. Based on 1988 law prohibiting 'Adult" properties, it is difficult to find the right words. I discussed this with Doug Chasick earlier this year. Here is what we chose:
DO use: – Senior Living Community, Senior Housing – Housing for Older Persons – 55 and Older Community – Retirement Community – 55 and Better Community
DON’T use: –
“Adult” – It has been illegal to have an adults-only community since the addition of the Fair Housing Amendments Act in 1988. –
“Active” – Every senior should be welcome, whether active or not active. The Housing for Older Persons Act (HOPA) specifically addresses housing for persons over the age of 55 and/or 62 and the best way to identify those folks is the word “Senior.” –
“Empty nester” – the exemption is based upon age of occupants, not familial status. –
”Adult Living” or ”Adult Community” – Some state and local enforcement agencies claim these phrases are illegal as the terms are incompatible with the requirement.

This may not help answer your question, but it may keep you from FH complaints.
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Active Adult Living 55+ pre leasing Ideas Needed =) 3 months 2 days ago #24103

Thank You, great feedback.
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