TOPIC: Anyone using Yext?

Anyone using Yext? 1 year 5 months ago #40446

Are any of you using Yext as part of your digital marketing strategy? What has your experience been? Have the returns been worth the investment?

Anyone using Yext? 1 year 5 months ago #40450

It depends on how you're using the platform. If you're using it to drive a significant portion of your traffic, I think you'll be disappointed in the results. If you're utilizing it to accompany other SEO/Digital Marketing efforts, it will help extend the reach of those actions. I have found if it's setup correctly, it makes your life easier since you can make an update in the Yext Platform, which will update across other platforms, without having to log into multiple places.
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Anyone using Yext? 1 year 3 months ago #42203

In the past companies I've worked for we've always used it. My current company doesn't and I'm now experiencing the need to have a software like Yext control your listings. For listing efficiency having to make changes everywhere and the fact that Google crawlers always recommend incorrect listing info for Google and Facebook sites. I've always used it before now, and we've budgeted for it in 2021. It wasn't used as frequently as we'd like but the cost wasn't extensive to implement. It's more beneficial to have versus not to have. Facebook keeps suggesting changes to our numbers, hours, etc. The other thing is they finally added a bulk upload feature, previously we had to upload images one by one. Took sooo long. But again, it feeds which is a huge time saver!

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