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I manage four student housing properties and one in particular is having a hard time filling up. It's our oldest community but it's still really nice and right across campus. We are offering zero move in and a $500 gift card for signing. This is the best deal in the market. I'm needing help trying to figure out new creative ways to market to these students, especially on campus. We are highly active on our social media and guerilla marketing. What else should I be doing that maybe no one else is?

Thanks for your help!
Posted 9 years 11 months ago
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Have you recruited your current student-residents to be your property's ambassadors? Have you provided them with T-Shirts to wear to a property sponsored event at a local bar? Try to get waiters and waitresses to wear your T-Shirts at a popular restuarant where students eat. These are my initial winners that worked for me when I was trying to reposition an older community toward a grad student demographic.
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Student Housing marketing
Great idea thank you!
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Sabrina Bianchini
Do you have a hospitality suite? If so, offer a free stay for parents! This is a great way to get parents on board knowing they can visit their child- this is most effective when the parents are visiting the community with their kids. Appeal to the parents first and the students will follow. or, instead of $500- offer a "fun on us" weekend stay for parents- buy hotel and restaurant or movie gift cards- put a cute basket together....
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When I worked at a property that had a large student population, we would offer the resident cool things such as Movie Nights in the courtyard. We would have fresh popcorn, hot dogs, alcoholic beverages (picture ID needed) and even got Chow Baby to donate food. It was a big hit.

For our waitlist, during the summer months, we had a contest where their name was thrown into a drawing. The winner would win either an iPad or 42" TV. We also did a "Where's Waldo" where we had someone dress as Waldo and walk around our neighborhood (midtown, atlanta) and the college campus. If spotted, all the resident (or non resident) had to do was take a picture with Waldo and post it to our Facebook page.

Think outside the box!!!

We also used text messaging to communicate with prospects and residents. The students loved it!! Also, we did a lot of facebooking which is right up their alley. Now Instagram is a big hit. Perhaps you can use that as a marketing tool to grab their attention. You have to market your community as a "cool place to live". That seems to be what gets the younger renters.
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I just left a residence hall and I can tell you this market is no joke!!! You have to be on the level of the students or be walked on. For us bbqs, sponsored events (monster, coke, 5hour energy, Chegg textbooks, book rentals, and discounts with area eateries, etc.), move in packages with school supplies, detergent, etc. was a huge hit! We also had a girls vs boys paintball party and flag football challenge that helped with our lease and retention up as well. For us social networking was okay but I was not a reliable method. I learned you have to keep college students interested and it takes a lot of out the box thinking. Of course when you are involved in these campaigns branding is imperative!! Down from pens, backpacks, shirts, notebooks, cell phone cases, etc. everyone knew if you wanna have a blast on campus Chisholm was the place to be. Check out our FB page for more ideas. Chisholm Hall @ UTSA
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You can give away a cruise vacation for two with a new lease or renewal. $1798 value, but only costs the property $139 -$169 dependin upon volume. Will save you over current concession costs, FREE marketing mateials included. Get the edge over other properties, and something they can't match! Visit
Posted 9 years 10 months ago
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Where does the property rank on Google for the most searched keywords in the local market? Sometimes we end up focusing on specials, promos and social media but overlook the fact that students make FAST decisions and are very likely to search Google go to the first 2 places they like and sign a lease. If you can tell me more about where you stand and for what keywords I might be able to offer some helpful tips. Promos are ok, but imagine if you came up first when they asked Siri to search the web for apartments in your area. Most students I know want to make a decision fast and move on, giving money off rent is great but we need to get YOU on there radar before they sign a lease.
Posted 9 years 9 months ago
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I know this was posted a very long time ago, but I was curious of how to go about setting something like this up? I think my property would love this offer and would draw a lot of attention.

Posted 7 years 7 months ago
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The first step is to find out why you are having a hard time filling up. Current and former residents might tell you, but you might have to call prospects who didn't move in. One thing I do is have a Yelp Check in offer. Anyone who checks in at my property gets a free treat. Right now it's a cup of coffee, made especially for them by me, fresh from my Keurig. :-)
Posted 7 years 7 months ago
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What was an incentive you offered the restaurant to where they allowed the employees to wear your property t-shirt?
Posted 3 years 5 months ago
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We have a great amenity you can offer the students and really set yourself apart called RentPlus. This is a great service that will build their credit scores, it really seems to be a big item when parents especially are involved in apartments.

Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I can get you some great information, this amenity does not cost you or the Management Company anything to get set up. You can also reach me at 435.512.8579
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Have you asked for anonymous fees backs in how to better prepare the place for pre-lease and new leases? Word of mouth can make or break you. No matter how well you do in marketing.

Best of luck!
Posted 1 year 3 months ago