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I am trying to build a mixed use development in a first ring community around a growing city. The neighborhood is growing and trying to achieve a more walkable community but the homeowners are anti-development because of fears about parking, increased traffic and "transient" renters. As apartment owners, we know that the trends for these areas debunk these fears and we love our renters. I am asking all of you, where do I find the resources and research to battle these fears? Has anyone tackled this issue and is willing to share?
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Great question! Would it help to personalize the situation? So rather than talk about the community, which they have set biases against, maybe talk about the resident profiles (with a picture for them to connect to)? For example, if one of the profiles is baby boomers, their story is one that "makes sense" in that they are not looking to move in and move out, but rather they are just looking for a different lifestyle solution without the upkeep of a big house. If it was presented as a group of nice-sounding new neighbors rather than a faceless mass that represents "transient" people, it might make a difference. Does that make sense?

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