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1st property new development construction nightmare 5 years 1 month ago #17174

I hope someone can give me some advise. This is my first job as maintenance supervisor. I'm a multicraft skilled worker and applied for the position for something closer to home. With my construction knowledge this place is a nigjtmare. Rust stains in concrete, gaps in all entry doors to units. Allowing all from dirt to insects to enter. garages have gaps a two-by-four can't fit through on each side of the door. Electrical is a nightmare with photocells popping every time it storms to the fire alarm going off 15 20 times anmonth. There is no way that construction had a level or plumb or square or tape on anything on property. I've made my reports to the owners and my managers but seemingly have been set aside due to budget. Part of me want to apply elsewhere but I've never quit anything and I've come to know my residents and team and corny as it may sound I believe we could turn it around. The property is beautiful 1sq mile 2 lakes fitness center thaats top of the line.clubhouse with full kitchen, spacious rest area(no expense spared) available to residents. business center wifi, desktop computers study area and 70,000 gal salt water pool.all open 24/7.265 units the smallest 1 bed is 1068 sq. Ft.1 property manager, 3 leasing agents, my self(maintenance Supervisor) 1 grounds keeper 1 cleaning lady for white glove service. Any advise will be helpful.
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1st property new development construction nightmare 5 years 1 month ago #17191

This must be very difficult for you. You know the old saying "Rome wasn't built in a day." I would start repairing what you are receiving service requests for then make a priority list. Do what you can first that requires the least amount of money and is the least troublesome (rust stains on concrete would be last for me.) Instead of ordering 20 new photocells at one time, try ordering 2 per month. This is going to require a plan.

Ask the leasing team what they feel would be a priority for them. Get the grounds keeper and cleaning lady in on it, too. What can they do or order to help with your list? Do your best to ignore flaws and make repairs that are necessary.

If you like, make your list and I could help you prioritize it. I have worked on several properties in the past 6 years that were "falling apart" with no money, complaining residents and my desire to turn them around.

1st property new development construction nightmare 5 years 1 month ago #17212

That's great advice from Sandy, and I would also try to find out what their actual motivations are. Sadly, not all owners want to actually improve the property. Or, there is a possibility that they don't know how those types of repairs could ultimately yield a higher return on investment in the long run. I think the key in this situation is to know their motivations and learn to speak their language. Being able to translate repairs into higher occupancy or rents can help motivate in some cases.

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D, have you approached just the property manager and asked his/her what his/her priority list is? That is where I would start. Then I would ask about the budget. Where are you expense-wise? What was budgeted for capital improvements? Then, yes, as Sandy is saying, make your list of things you feel comfortable doing in stages. However, it is important that the PM is allied with you in your attempts and plan to fix things. Otherwise, you will become discouraged and frustrated. A lot of Owners simply hear the words coming from a Maintenance Supervisor's mouth and immediately feel criticized and worry about the cost of fixing things. If you put a plan in place that addresses the needs of the property in a more budget-friendly approach, the Owners may become more receptive. In addition, this presentation may go over best when you and the PM present it together.

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Well... you're screwed. It's just going to get worse and there's nothing that you can do about it. All sorts of experts built the place and all sorts of experts designed the place and all sorts of experts inspected the place. It's probably been standing for a year so none of them can be held responsible any more. Your photo sensors have too much current running through them, check with a clamp meter after dark and replace with sensors of a higher rating if that's the problem. If your running at 80% of rated load that's probably too close, or if it starts a motor the instantaneous current draw can be huge. Nothing to be done about bad framing, soon the doors will be flapping in high winds. Three sales people and one maintenance... shows you where management's head is at and it's not with the tenants. Sounds like it might be time to abandon ship.
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