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We are building a 200 unit complex and wanted design ideas for out clubhouse
What is the best things to include and NOT include
  • Bob Buker
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Bob, what is the goal of the clubhouse for you? Is it intended to be a visual appealing element to draw in prospects or is it meant to be a functional space for residents? The reason why I ask is that many communities have this beautiful clubhouse, but then lock it up when the office is closed so that residents often can't really use it. So I think one of the big considerations is access to the clubhouse.

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Some people are adding the package locker systems in part of them.

I like the idea where residents can come in and work on their computers and socialize. Everyone loves to go to Starbucks or Peets just to be social and not work all alone in their apartment. This brings more residents together and the clubhouse gets used. You can put Keurig's/ water in and a large screen tv.
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Kathy, you are spot on! Coworking is becoming absolutely huge. That said, it needs to have a critical mass, in my opinion. Our entire team telecommutes, which means that I can get a little stir crazy. So I end up working out of Starbucks a couple days a week to be among people. So the challenge for a community is to have the clubhouse utilized enough so that it serves that social function. If I walk into an empty clubhouse, then it doesn't feel social, so it loses that benefit. So it isn't necessarily a "if you build it, they will come" scenario if not publicized/promoted correctly.

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