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TOPIC: Saying You Care and Showing You Care

Saying You Care and Showing You Care 5 years 9 months ago #8004

I find myself using property manager rather than community manager many times. I have read on this site as well that people get that difference. But if you are truly a Community Manager, and you tell your residents that you care about them, do you show it? If you show it what do you do to show it?

When the residents first are moving in and either they are doing it themselves or they have a moving company, do you stop by and ensure that everything is OK with their unit and are there any immediate concerns you need to be make aware of?

Once a month or once a quarter do you have a community get together in honor of the new tenants and welcome them into the community and have other introduce themselves?

After they have lived there for a month, do you go by and see if everything is going as they expected? Check to see if everything is working in the quarters?

Leave a little note or call periodically to ensure they are happy with the conditions and the service they have?

Do you show respect for your community residents regardless of his or her employment or educational level? The dignity of your resident and their family is a not negotiable.

Do you send a card on their anniversary of moving in and thank them for staying in the community?

After the maintenance work, do you call them, rather than they call you to see if they were satisfied with the service and was everything cleaned up after the service was done?

I could go on and on, but I think there are many other ideas out there where managers show their residents that they care about them in their community!
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Re:Saying You Care and Showing You Care 5 years 9 months ago #8009


I have a few to add;

We publish a resident directory (residents sign a release saying it's okay to share their name, phone number and month and day of birth). This is given to all new residents and updated every 2 months. It has done wonders in creating a sense of community. Many resident issues are resolved between themselves as they can contact each other directly. Some residents even pass out birthday cards to their neighbors. I understand this will not work everywhere but my seniors love it!
We announce all new residents in the monthly newsletter under our "Howdy Neighbor" section.
We have several events each month and take pictures of residents enjoying themselves to post in the newsletter. We also have a picture board in the front lobby that we update every month with new pictures. We really try to add as many new resident pictures as we can.
I honestly could do a better job of following-up after the move in, but hopefully compensate by never taking a rent check without asking if there is something we can do for them. Our community just went on Relate 24/7 so it should be easier now to send messages of welcome to new residents, birthday notes, and holiday greeting.
The owners of our community are just as dedicated to our residents as we are. Once a year we have a "wish list" meeting to discuss things we can add to the community for our residents. These are not to be repair items, but additions to what we already have. For instance this year I got an additional raised garden bed to add 72 more garden plots to our community. We are also upgrading the countertops at each turn as well as for all my original residents.
At each residents 5 year anniversary we have a silver keychain engraved with their initials on one side and thank you for being a loyal resident on the other. It’s like a badge of honor around here 
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