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We are seeing a very large uptick in fraudulent applications in Washington, DC. About 30%, much larger than in the past. Several coming from site unseen applications through our online portals such as RentCafe. It has demoralized our leasing team and caused everyone more work to weed them out.

Love to learn what everyone is doing to prevent fraudulent applications on the front end, if at all possible.


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CheckpointID has been a great tool for us; it allows us to verify identity for all in-person prospects, and all of our applicants. It won't stop fraudulent applications from coming through in the first place, so it won't address your demoralization problem, but it will at least curb fraudulent move ins.
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Thank you. Yup, CheckPointID is being used but as you know, it's after the application is made. Great platform for weeding out the fraud.

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