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4 months 1 day ago #49459

Jim Puccio

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I’ve implemented an incentive program for renewals, where the resident has the ability to choose one option from a menu of items to upgrade their apartment. These include things such as updated kitchen faucet, California closets, accent wall painted, updated handheld shower head, updated linoleum flooring in kitchen/bathroom, etc....
4 months 2 days ago #49392

Rick Ellis, CPM

Rick Ellis, CPM's Avatar

Theoretically, you should offer almost anything you would have to give or do to lease the apartment home to a new resident. BUT...the reason we focus so much on customer/resident service and creating a desirable living environment is to provide our residents with those intangible but critically important reasons to stay rather than move!

Even though our industry has grown sophisticated and intuitive in the product and services we sell to renters, there are still four things all residents REALLY want:

1. Immaculate Environment.
2. Friendly, Efficient and Professional Service and Response.
3. Good Neighbors (Translation: SAFETY and Security!).
4. Fair and Equal Treatment - Even beyond the requirements of Fair Housing.

All things being equal, the onsite team that best delivers these 4 basics are going to win the renewal game. A renewal gift of anything is a slap in the face to the resident if you are not providing the Big 4!
4 months 1 week ago #49272

Margaret Shawhan Marazzo

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I offer a tiny can of touch up paint and anything in my budget to upgrade/update the space. (Light fixtures, faucets, etc.)
4 months 1 week ago #49271

Karen Trump Denlinger

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3 mini blinds, new verticals blind slats (up to 10), replacement drip pans or a Free Clubhouse rental.
4 months 1 week ago #49270

Tina Tutah

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This must all begin during budget process. Extra money must be included for a successful and consistent program. Walking apartment with Maintenance Supervisor. Based on an appointment basis. We review home and any improvements needed. Based on our current budget, things needed. This is all based on length of residency. There are many small things to give to make a huge difference s on older communities. Little to do in newer communities. Be creative with a renewal gift outside of apartment. Valued up to 20.00. We had a favorite things flier downloaded in their file.
Also breakdown moving costs, lost time moving, change of address on all their stuff. Sometimes offering a reserved parking spot for that resident is free but huge to them. High occupancy can yield shortage on parking.
4 months 1 week ago #49269

Robin Taylor

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I love the TLC to their home!
The best gifts are not items (sometimes)
The carpet cleaning along with cleaning of their ceiling fans, window seals, blinds & appliances would be my favorite from all I’ve seen so far!
At least for my market! The class A+ properties, the residents probably have weekly housekeepers already.

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