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One of the most popular events we have done is "Walking Tacos" , it's delicious and inexpensive. The name itself is intrigued so residents want to see what it's all about. You get the snack sized bags on corn chips, Doritos or cool ranch Doritos. Open it up , the resident chooses all the toppings they want put in the bag.Then you give the residents a fork with their bag and then they simply walk around with their dinner in a spillproof bag!
2 years 2 weeks ago #32758

Kristy Esch

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Based on 193,000 rental prospects from 320 properties across the U.S., PERQ’s Multifamily Field Guide shows 20% of consumers enjoy social activities, with Outdoor Activities coming in second at 17%. Our multifamily clients say hosting outdoor events for residents and their friends, and inviting potential prospects (leads that came from your website) is always a good idea. You can always take photos of these outdoor events and post them on social media or use them in lead nurture emails as a way to entice rental prospects and show them what you offer. Our data also shows 33% — or more than one-third — of rental prospects own a pet. One regional manager told us that a good apartment resident activity idea is to host a Yappy Hour. Invite your renters and their pets, along with local dog walkers, trainers, vets, groomers, pet sitters and the local dog bakery. You’ll create a connection within your community, and it shows your residents you care about their furry family members, too!
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We started a monthly game night. Residents bring their favorite board or card games and the group decides what to play. It's been a great success and word of mouth really spread. We now have so many people come we'll have several different games going at the same time!
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Stephanie Oehler

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So many to choose from! We chartered buses and took residents to a hockey game. We would throw a "Beers from Around the World" party and everyone would BYOB their favorite imported beer to share. Hula Night was a huge success. These are just a few.
Our resident events were very well attended, regardless of the theme. One of the reasons is because we planned our events out in advance. We would provide a calendar of events for the entire year in January. Residents would ask for it as soon as January rolled around.
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Beth LaBrosse

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Our company does an annual Health Fair as well, with partner vendors in our Rewards program. They are hosted at one of our High-Rises and attendance is open to all our communities. It's become one of our most popular events.
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Here are some of ours:
Hot Baked Potato Bar: Cheap and nice to feed people, co-host with a vendor and topic of choice
C.O.P.E. Party: Citizens organize in preparedness for emergencies, Build 3 day survival buckets
Come Grow with Us: get together to make earth balls (seed balls) let residents plant them in an area that needs some beauty
Breakfast on the go: have a few brown bag options, some with milk or juice , a resident referral flyer for their break rooms etc.
End of Summer movies at the pool: show a scary water movie like the original Jaws
Tie Dye T-Shirts: This requires lots of supervision but it turns out amazing and you see shirts for years!

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