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"New" Amenity Ideas 11 years 2 months ago #4268

Greetings Multifamily Insiders,

I have a client who asked me about some "new" amenity ideas for their residents -- and I was curious if anyone here has tried these three things on their properties.

I specifically would like to know if it worked -- or if it was not worth the effort:

1.) Garden plots and potting sheds for residents

2.) Cabanas by the pool

3.) "Video Gaming" centers at the community for interactive and "team" competition.

Any insight you have on any of these three ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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Re:"New" Amenity Ideas 11 years 2 months ago #4284

These amenity ideas really aren't "NEW", but I think most would definitely help ANY multi-family property's marketing efforts:
*Gated Community (I know, those gates can be a hassle for
Management...but, they could be left open during rush hour
in AM and PM. Can NEVER use the word "security" when marketing
your property - that really will lead to possible liability
issues - but a "perimeter fence" or calling it a Gated
Community is a plus.
*Intrusion Alarms in all units (or optional).
*Fitness Facility (convenient and saves tenants $$$ they would
have to spend to join a local fitness club)...this could
be set up to be 24/7. Ensure your Clubhouse and Pool areas
are well lighted...create a safe environment around the
Clubhouse area.
*Pet Yard (gated areas for people to walk dogs) - helps maintain
a neater property.
*Tennis Court and or Sport Court.
*Flat Screen TV (maybe 53" to 60" in the Clubhouse) - great
for sports events and parties).
*Business Center - a couple of PC's tenants can use; maybe a
printer and copy machine...could be set up to be 24/7
*Sand Volleyball Court - not a great expense and young tenants
seem to love these.
*Evaluate the pool area - are there any ways to up-grade the
Pool? Does it have a Jacuzzi? Maybe a well designed
man-made waterfall?
*Bar-B-Q Grills - popular, but feel "possibly" the gas grills
are a liability with kids on a property - I tend to favor
charcoal, as they are safer.
*Free Garbage pick-up at tenant's door.
*Tenant's Suggestion Box (make it real).
*Seasonal Flowers at the Main Sign Monument and on both sides
of the main entrance to the Clubhouse are a good
marketing touch.
*Hire a "night patrol service"...where a private officer
drives through the property a couple of times every night
(at different times of the night).
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Re:"New" Amenity Ideas 11 years 2 months ago #4289

I have actually used the garden plots in several of my senior housing communities, and it really has been a great added amenity. Most seniors have downsized from owning their own homes, because of their inability upkeep due to age. For many of them it’s a difficult transition from having yards and space and moving to an apartment with neighbors behind a wall and no true green areas of their own. By installing a garden plot for them, it gives them a feeling of ownership, and in addition of it helping them transition it actually becomes therapeutically healthy for them. This amenity has been a success in any senior housing location, and my assumption would be that it would be as beneficial to multi-family locations, because many of our families are experiencing the same loss of ownership due to the recession.

Re:"New" Amenity Ideas 11 years 2 months ago #4329

A water park instead of a basketball court or tennis court.
There is a website where you can pick your own pieces of equip. This is done on a surface that is non-skid with recycled water. It also can have switches to shut off during a storm and when not in use. Very cost effective and a great tool for leasing. Good Luck
  • Pam Armocida
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Re: "New" Amenity Ideas 11 years 1 month ago #4398

I've created outdoor "rooms" with covered seating areas and firepits at several properties and they have been a great positive attribute.

Re: "New" Amenity Ideas 11 years 1 month ago #4399

Thanks Bruce. Sounds like a great idea if you have the space.
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Re:"New" Amenity Ideas 11 years 1 month ago #4400

The company I used to work for Pacific Living Properties has installed a community garden at a property in Chico, CA. From what I know it has been very well received by the mostly college student residents. Contact the leasing office for more info -
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Re: "New" Amenity Ideas 8 years 6 months ago #11451

Hi, I was wondering if you happen to have any pictures of the outdoor "rooms" with the firepit setups. I have no amenities where I am, and I'm in the process of submitting my business plan to include picnic areas, etc throughout my community.
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"New" Amenity Ideas 7 years 10 months ago #12929

Another low-cost amenity for urban areas and college towns is a TransitScreen of realtime transportation information. It shows a live feed of bus, rail, subway, bikeshare, carshare, rideshare, etc. Not only are you promoting people to use mass transit, you are showing potential renters how easy it is to live in your building without a car.

More at

"New" Amenity Ideas 2 years 3 months ago #29751

Hi Leigh. We are putting in Gaga Ball pits at a few of our garden-style communities. Anyone with children ages 4-15 knows that the new rage is Gaga Ball. I've attached a photo of a community garden also. We have seen that you don't necessarily need fancy amenities to attract and keep residents. We have a property in FL which has community events twice a week and their rents and occupancy are outpacing the new development properties in the area. Some the events resident pay on their own such as food truck Tuesday. Here's a quick video:
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