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TOPIC: Brainstorming Resident Rewards!

Brainstorming Resident Rewards! 7 years 3 months ago #6938

I absolutely love the idea that as someone lives at a property longer, they get more and more special benefits. So let's brainstorm some rewards properties could give out for those that live there 2, 5, 10+ years!

I'll start: (yes, I'm going to take the easy one!) Preferential parking! If a resident has lived somewhere for 3, 4, or 5 years, they deserve a nice parking spot close to their door.

Re:Brainstorming Resident Rewards! 7 years 3 months ago #6945

Don't know if this applies, buy last Sept our community celebrated it's 5th anniversary. We had a big party with a HUGE cake made by a professional cake decorator. Anyway for my residents who have been here since we opened I had silver (plated) keychains made with their initials on one side and "Thank you for continuing to make Chester Village your home" printed in the other side. They loved it! This month my residents who are at their 5 year mark want to know where their keychain is, so I guess I started something!!

Re:Brainstorming Resident Rewards! 7 years 3 months ago #6949

I agree with you, the longer the resident lives at a community the bigger the reward should be.
I had a 'Menu for Better Living' at some of my properties. It was designed like a restaurant menu. The resident could pick items from the menu worth up to $200 for the first year, $300 the 2nd year, $500 the 3rd etc.

Items might be carpet cleaning, Maid service, Handyman service, Free cable TV and/or internet Free Newspaper, designer blinds, new vinyl in the kitchen, new fixtures in kitchen & bath, new carpet, accent walls, their trash picked up a their door, no charge for heating, etc. There are so many things that can be included that cost very little and make the resident feel valuable!
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Re:Brainstorming Resident Rewards! 7 years 3 months ago #6950

Love the idea of rewards and this should include recognition. We had a resident at a community that had lived there 20 years. On the week of her anniversary at the community we delivered a cake where she worked (she was a volunteer at the hospital), and made a banner we put out on the very busy main street. It simply said, "Mary S. has lived with us for 20 years. Thanks Mary! Must be a reason why our residents love us!" You would not believe the traffic we got because of the banner, and Mary spread the word at the hospital and we got several leases from hospital staff in the coming weeks as well.

I wish I would have thought of this but a manager once told me her property gave donations at 5 years plus to charities. They picked several major charities like Wounded Warriors, Red Cross, Salvation Army, USO, SPCA, and a local food bank. They got to pick and the donation of $100 was made in their name to the charity of their choice. Not only did it add a very different reward, the residents loved it and the site got some exceptional publicity out of it.

Re:Brainstorming Resident Rewards! 7 years 3 months ago #6951

GREAT TOPIC! The standard touch up paint or steam clean have merit but certainly not the sizzle of other ideas I've seen posted. I love the idea of a special gift or inexpensive 2-day cruise mirrored with a resident testimonial plaque which you could hang in your leasing area. "Disclamer: my views or opinions may not be shared by my current or previous employers."
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