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5 years 3 months ago #17004

Vivian Turner

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I would like to know more about the accent wall program or any others you can share with me.
6 years 8 months ago #14865

Scott Richardson

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I think Prefferential, reserved parking is a great idea! Something affordable which recognizes the outstanding residents is a win-win! Upgrading splash walls, ceiling fans and other tight-budget in-house options can offer more timely 'perks' to the right Residents; continually reminding them you care through affordable praise and recognition.
7 years 3 weeks ago #14501

William Huepppauff

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Host a Black Friday Launch Party for residents.

Over the years Black Friday has become a tradition among many Americans. Host a Launch Party at your community very early in the morning with (strong) coffee, hot chocolate, donuts and fruit. In most cities the newspaper published the day before Thanksgiving is the largest of the year because of the Black Friday ads. Order enough copies for your residents and deliver them on Wednesday with print collateral promoting your Launch Party.

7 years 4 months ago #14107

Asheville Consultant

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The best for pet owners is to simply remember their pets name and ask about them when you see them. Works for wowing prospects too if you call them a week after touring and remember their dogs name.
7 years 6 months ago #13849

manuel delacerda

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Jenette, these occasional pop-ins is what I call good service. Is it not the best feeling when a tenant thanks you for doing something they didn't have to ask for? Why not do things before they ask. This is also a good way to keep your floating expenses under control. When you promote service, you retain your tenants. "Keep up the good work."
7 years 6 months ago #13820


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Manuel, I love this one. I have everyone do occasional "pop-ins" while maintenance is in a tenant's apartment. And you are so right that it makes a huge impact to be out visible on the property. I tell them to become best friends with the tenant, make small talk, ask how everything else is with the apartment, etc. Most tenants will ask about changes to the apartment at one point or another. Site people do not have to get approval to paint a room, install a new bathroom vanity, ceiling fan, gratis carpet shampoo, kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls, anything reasonable that will make the resident that much happier when they walk in the door. I also tell them to use this as a negotiating tool for renewal.

In regard to the above paragraph, when I have refresher or training sessions I tell them to put themselves in resident's position - how would you feel coming home to a dingy, dirty property and an apartment that has a ten year old paint job and a carpet that has never been cleaned. When they get that mental picture going I tell them that the last thing we want when the resident comes home is to say "ugh" when they open the door - these are people and this is their home. They should be able to feel good about it and not feel embarrassed to have friends or family visit them.

Also what seems to be very popular is we'll hang mirrors, curtain rods, tv wall units. Can save a wall unit from ripping out of the wall Tenants love it and we're assured that the tenant hasn't drilled 11 huge holes in the wall with anchor screws while trying to first figure out what the stud is then find it. :laugh:

I guess that's three things: 1, 2 3

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