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TOPIC: Community website per $25/month ?

Community website per $25/month ? 1 week 6 days ago #25764

Hi, We are working hard in a new system that will provide websites for communities with the following features, Would you pay $25 per month for this service?

- Website ready in 3 days
- Fully responsive design
- SEO friendly
- CMS (content management system) to admin from any computer or mobile.
- Use your own domain
- Hosting and SSL certified included
- Multilingual
- integration with social media / whatsapp
- Google Analytics and custom statistics of user behaviors
- Click to link to google app
- Slideshow with photo & video
- Testimonials tool

- Home page
- Amenities & Features
- Floorplans
- Gallery
- Location (with neighborhood, street view)
- Contact Us
- Fees & requirements
- Integration with 3rd party resident login (RentCafe, leaselabs, resman, resident portal, etc)

Also, what other features do you think that would be a MUST to incorporate?

Thank you so much for your time, getting a reply from professionals like you will help us a lot.
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