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Financial Loss & Recovery

Leasing Consultant Average Pay Rate | Hourly $15 | Annually $31,131​
​Single Comp Call Average Time & Cost

Cost Per Call:     50 Min | $12.50
RANC:              10 Min | $2.50​
With strong telephone screening tools adopted by properties nationwide, screening all incoming calls introduces many obstacles in completing Comp Calls. The Market Survey Report suffers as a result. Associates are forced to make multiple attempts, collect bits of data per call, rush through calls, visit websites, hope for email or call backs, make guesses, and more, charging your associate a conservative average of 50 Minutes per Comp Call. ​RANC's single submission to deliver to all, process? 10 Minutes. ​

Average Property Count per Market Survey Report: 12 (your community may have more or less)

Comp Calling 12 properties one at a time. Market Survey Reports are usually due twice a month. (some, four times, or every Monday)
Cost Per MSS: 12 Comp Calls |     $150
Twice a Month: 24 Comp Calls |    $300
Annually | $3,600

One submission to all 12 Communities | $4.99
Monthly Membership Monthly |    $9.99
Annually | $119.88

Property Management Portfolio Average's Property Count: 27​  
27 Communities, Annually |   $97,200                  RANC 27 Communities | $3,237

Significant Annual Recovery
More than three times the annual salary of a single associate.
Larger Portfolio's Recover More

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